FINN Sales – Continuous but Slow

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Neil, Anja and Gunnar continue to sell items via, in order to raise cash towards ICE207.

For Neil, this has become increasingly important, given the fact that he has now been laid-off from work for over 9 months, due to the drop in World Oil Price, and the subsequent reduction in contacts within the Oil & Gas Industry.

Sales of items via have been continuous but slow throughout, allowing a small but reasonable pot of cash to accumulate. However, there is a very real need to sell a lot more, if we are to reach our target and achieve our goal.

For Sale Tag

If you have a few spare minutes, please take a look of, to see what we have on offer for sale right now
– we have a lot of items to choose from. (Neils Finn Adverts)

There may be a bargain out there for you, which would also help us raise more cash.

Thanks in advance for your support….

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