Sales – Slow But Steady

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Over the last few months, both Neil and Gunnar have been trying hard to sell lots of items via, to raise cash towards our trip.

The result has been slow, but steady sales – We could do with a lot more…

The need to raise cash in this manner, has become more necessary than for our previous expedition ICE2015, due to the fact that Neil has been out of work (laid-off) since January 2016 (due to the low Global Oil Price), and as such cannot rely upon regular work salary income, to supplement the Expedition costs.

For Sale Tag

If you are interested in helping us raise funds for ICE2017, and would like to consider buying something that we have For Sale on, then please take a few minutes to check-out what we have currently have on offer in the “Torget” area on

We can also send you (FINN-kode) links to individual items that we have out For Sale, so that you can review the items directly.
Feel free to contact us.

We hope to raise a reasonably significant amount of cash over the next 12 months via, to help us fund our trip.
So wish us luck, and if you see something you like that we have For Sale, please consider buying to help us achieve our goal.

Thanks a lot !!!

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