Finally On Our Way…….

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The day has finally arrived, and we are on our way!!!

The Expedition Vehicles are packed and we are totally ready and itching to go……..


Long-Term Weather Forecast

The long-term weather forecast for Iceland looks relatively good, so we are quite hopeful and optimistic that we are going to have favourable weather on our side, most / all of the time.

However, it still looks like we might encounter a rain-front the day we arrive in Iceland, which may make the first 1-2 days in Iceland quite wet and cold.


Short-Term Weather & Sea Conditions Forecast

The short-term weather & sea conditions forecast for the next 3 days is also relatively good, suggesting that the ferry sections of our trip (Stavanger-Hirtshals & Hirtshals-Seyðisfjörður) will go well, without any rough passage or potential sea-sickness issues.


Regular Blog News Updates

Whenever and wherever we can, we will refresh the Blog with “daily” news updates of our travels and experiences, and download a set of representative photos and videos for our epic journey for that day.

However, there may be some days when we simply don’t have good enough / any internet or mobile phone services, so please be patient – we will come back, as soon as we can.


We would like to collectively thank everyone who has helped us achieve our goal, however large or small a part you played, it all really helped in the end – THANK YOU


We wish you all a great Summer 2017 !!!


Bon Voyage !

Never Stop Exploring

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