Exploration Vehicles Workshop Weekend

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This weekend, Gunnar and Neil spent a lot of time, both Friday evening, all day Saturday, and half day Sunday, working on both Exploration Vehicles, at the Mercedes-Benz Entusiastklubb (Stavanger) .

Here’s what we achieved – taking both vehicles a major steps forward, towards final preparation for Iceland:


Exploration Vehicle 1

Changed front wheel bearings on both Left and Right hand sides

Rewire & Swap Bulb on Additional Front Headlamp

Wash, Clean & Polish Outside

Minor Repairs & Fixes




Exploration Vehicle 2

General Service (Exchange Engine Oil, Exchange Oil Filter, Exchange Air Filter, Top-up Engine Coolant & Windscreen Washer Fluids)

Exchange Front Differential Oil

Replace both Front Windscreen Wipers

Sand-blast Rust Spots on bodywork & finish with Touch-Up Paint

Begin CB Radio & Antenna installation process

Minor Repairs & Fixes




We achieved a lot, and had a good time in the process.

Not all tasks were completed.

Exploration Vehicle 1 awaits minor parts (seals), before we can complete the Front Wheel Bearing swap-out and rebuild.

Exploration Vehicle 2 requires cutting & installation of steel mount-plate for CB Radio Antenna on Front Runner roof rack, before CB Radio installation & Antenna tuning.


We hope to continue this work into next week, either side of Norway National Day on 17th May.




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