Expedition Vehicle 2 Ready

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Today, Gunnar and Neil worked all day on Expedition Vehicle 2, to complete the final set of tasks & fixes.


First task was to remove the dashboard, and rewire the CB Radio power cable into one of the power outlets behind the dashboard.

This was relatively simple and successfully achieved.

The CB Radio now has its power cable hidden, and permanently connected – a neat solution.



The next task was to clean the vehicle, both inside and out, and in the back cab, ready for use in Iceland.

This was a major undertaking, and took the best part of the day to complete.



A number of small fixes were conducted as we went along (Hammering, Riveting, Taping, Gluing, etc.), to ensure all tasks were completed by the end of the day.

Gunnar and Tuva also worked on fixing the small (kids) boat, so that it became seaworthy, and ready for use.

The small (kids) boat was later launched into the water, taken for a test run, and is now moored outside the house, ready for use by either Tuva or Dina.



Overall, it was a very good day, with lots achieved, and Expedition Vehicle 2 made complete and ready for transfer to Iceland.


We will now concentrate our efforts on the final fixes on Expedition Vehicle 1 over the next few days, to make this vehicle also complete and ready for Iceland.


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