Expedition Vehicle 2 Major Mechanical Repairs

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Expedition Vehicle 2 has recently received major mechanical repairs to its front Brakes, Bearings, Bodywork and Wheels.

This major work was carried out by Toyota Sørvest (Lura) / Bilhuset Skade & Lakk, Sandnes.

This set of major repairs resulted from an incident in July 2016, whereby the front of the vehicle was damaged on its return journey from Sirdal to Sandnes – due to material failure of bolts holding the front left (driver side) wheel. No one was injured during the incident, and no other vehicles were involved – the vehicle was safely brought to a controlled stop.


We are happy to report that the vehicle is now fully repaired, and once again ready for operational use.

Thanks a lot to If insurance, NAF, Viking Roadside Assistance, Toyota Sørvest (Lura) and Bilhuset Skade & Lakk (Lura), for all their help and understanding during this unusual and challenging period.

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