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Now that we have returned from our 6 weeks adventure, and finalized our spending accounts, it is quite clear that additional / continuous fund raising is still required.

Having been to Iceland a number of times, and living in Norway, we thought we had a pretty good idea of how much we would probably spend during our trip (Expedition Budget).

However, we were quite alarmed at the extent of inflationary increase in costs of even the most basic of items, since our last expedition ICE2015.



In the 2 years since ICE2015, the cost of some basic items, such as regular food shopping, ice-creams, sandwiches, coffee & cakes, and camping accommodation,
has increased by as much as 2 or 3 times !!!!

This is a direct result of the dramatic increase in tourism, and the wish of shop-keepers, to make more and more money, whilst they can…



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Therefore, we have somewhat overspent our “living allowance budget” and as such we need to continue to raise funds, to bridge this significant expenditure gap.

We will be once again using Finn.no (Norwegian e-bay) as the main avenue for selling items, to continue to raise funds.



If you are interested to see what we have on offer for sale on Finn.no, please click the links below to each of our Finn.no Profiles:

Neil’s items for sale on Finn.no

Gunnar’s items for sale on Finn.no

Anja’s items for sale on Finn.no



Thanks a lot for your consideration and for all your help.


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