Equipment Out of Storage

Over the weekend, Neil visited his hytte in Sirdal, to take all the Exploration Equipment and Transport Boxes out of storage.

All this equipment was brought back home, to begin the cleaning, maintenance, checking and verify process, before final packing for the trip.



This process began, with the cleaning of the Transportation Boxes, which still had some dust and grime from our last expedition trips, as well as the removal of torn / worn Sponsor logo stickers.



Once clean and dry, new / replacement logo stickers were mounted onto these Transportation Boxes.


New / Replacement Sponsor logo stickers were also added to Exploration Vehicle 2 (photos later…).

Exploration Vehicle 1 will be decorated with Sponsor logo stickers in the near future, once all maintenance work is completed.


Mounting of Sponsor logo stickers on both Exploration Vehicles and Transportation Boxes, will continue until we depart for Iceland.

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