Day 5: Höfn – Skálafellsjökull – Jökulsárlón – Fjallsárlón – Skaftafell

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Day 05: Friday 07 July 2017


Reasonable nights sleep. No rain overnight.

Beautiful weather at start of day – blue sky and warm sun.



Slow start to the day – Not yet into the efficient rhythm of expedition camping….



Continued to drive south / west – clockwise along the coastal Road 1, from Höfn to Skaftfell, along Mýrar (Mýrasýsla), Suðursveit and Öræfi, having Breiðabunga, SkálafellsjökullBreiðamerkurjökull & Öræfajökull (S.E facing glacial fingers of Vatnajökull) on our right side, and the open sea (Atlantic Ocean) on our left hand side.



After driving Road 1 for a while, we took a cool detour along mountain Road F985 (Jökulvegur), to get up close with Skálafellsjökull, one of the S.E. glacial tongues of Breiðabunga, Vatnajökull.
Returned back to Road 1 by retracing our route backwards.



The road was a terrific challenging drive and the view of the glacier from the top was spectacular – especially in todays weather conditions.



Spectacular views everywhere you look………



Lots of GoPro film was captured today, but this will take some time before processing & publication – we will comeback with these videos later….


Continued to drive south / west – clockwise along the coastal Road 1.




Stopped at the 2 famous “Iceberg lagoons” Jökulsárlón & Fjallsárlón, which are fed from the tongues of the Breiðamerkurjökull and Öræfajökull glaciers.

The Jökulsárlón “iceberg lagoon”, has also been nicknamed “James Bond Lagoon”, due to the opening sequence A View to a Kill was filmed there, and part of Die Another Day.

Filming of both Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Batman Begins also took place here – very popular scenic location.


We stopped here during ICE2015 (ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 24: Skaftafell – Höfn)




We passed Öræfi, where we saw Ingólfshöfði, a small headland and private nature reserve on south coast of Iceland.
It is believed to be the location where Ingólfur Arnarson originally landed on Iceland in or near 874AD.


We then continued along coastal Road 1, until we arrived at Skaftafell campsite in late afternoon


Skaftafell campsite, with its wonderful view of Vatnajökull glacier directly behind, used to be a manor farm and has been a part of Vatnajökull National Park since its establishment in 2008.



After setting up camp and dinner, we sorted out our equipment, downloaded GoPro and all other cameras, and caught up with internet related tasks, including blog publications.



Good evening, despite occasional drizzle rain.


Below is todays Tracking data Map.


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  1. Mikw
    | Reply

    Ingólfshöfði, is always worth a visit, amazing birds and sand formations. It is possible to drive there too in a good 4×4

    • Neil Smith
      | Reply

      Hei Mike
      Thanks a lot for the good advice – much appreciated.
      So far, so good, but we have a few technical issues with internet – slowing down the images downloads and blog publications.
      Keep sending the good advice.
      Neil 🙂

  2. Kristen Gill
    | Reply

    Hello! Someone shared your blog to a post I made on an overland page in British Columbia, Canada! We are in Reykjavik right now but are renting out camperized truck to explore the highlands (and ring) starting July 25! Would love to meet up with you guys. We are thinking to do route F910 north of Vatnajokull to get to Askja area from Landmannalaugar but are unsure of the condition as we are on our own! My name is Kristen, Derek is joining me for the highland exploring. I have added my email below, don’t want to post it in this message! I also have whats app on my phone. Look forward to hopefully connecting with you!

    • Neil Smith
      | Reply

      Hei Kristen
      Great to hear from you.
      Sorry I have to reply quickly and short reply at this point…
      Where we are on the south coast of Iceland which has very poor (Edge only) internet, which keeps falling out all the time….
      Will get back to you when we are in a better location.
      Assume you have looked at our Timing & Schedule (sub page) under the Expedition Page.
      Not driven F910 from Landmannalaugar to Askja – but I hear its a good challenging drive…
      Talk soon and look forward meeting up.
      Neil 🙂
      Mobile (+47) 47288712

      • Neil Smith
        | Reply

        Hei Kristen
        Did you manage to review our expedition schedule?
        If so, does it fit in with yours in any way?
        We are on the South Coast of Iceland right now, moving to Western Highlands tomorrow.
        Look forward to your reply.
        Have a safe and great trip.

  3. Kristen Gill
    | Reply

    Hello there!

    Thank you for replying, I am so glad to hear from you! Don’t worry about the time to get back to me! For some reason I thought I would get a little email notification as I had to enter my email to comment, No matter!

    I am still in Reykjavik, we have seen EVERY site here and I am excited to get out of town now. I leave Thursday in a 2wd vehicle for 10 days, then back to the city for a couple days to do the busy golden circle area and blue Lagoon. We pick up our truck July 25, and then head east. My trip has 2 parts, right now I am with one friend who is not into overlanding so we have a little 2wd van to pickup tomorrow. Then, July 25th another friend who is coming and we get the truck. We are in the truck from July 25 to August 3rd.

    I will look at your schedule this evening and respond! I really look forward to hopefully meeting up with you. I will also try the email listed below as it may be more efficient communication.

  4. Kristen Gill
    | Reply

    It looks like we will both be in roughly the east/north east corner around similar times. We are at an outdoor concert July 29 in Borgarfjörður eystri . The days before the show we are in Landmannalaugar heading to Askja and area, which is why we hope to take the 910. But we are on our own in a D max with a camper in the back, which the company says is rated for highlands, but it is not an Iceland supertruck by any means! So we may not do the 910. The only thing I have managed to get info om it is the water crossings. I did find a book with trail ratings of the whole country! I took a few pictures from it. It does not have F numbers, only route names.

    The 30th, after the concert we are heading west, along to Akureryi.

    I look forward to trying to figure out a point to meet 🙂 it is always great to meet new people in the overland community. I sent this to the email below.

    • Neil Smith
      | Reply

      Hei Kristen
      Great to hear from you again.
      Sounds really good that we can probably find a way to meet up.
      Happy to read that you are having a great time so far in Reykjavik.
      You will really enjoy the Golden Circle.
      Lets keep each other updated with any schedule / agenda changes, and lets aim to meet up as you suggest.
      Will be good to meet another OB (Overland Bound) Member in the field….
      Talk again soon
      Take care and happy exploration !!!
      Neil 🙂

  5. Kristen Gill
    | Reply

    Hello Neil!

    I love your blogging, I am so surprised at the availability of wifi here! It is not even close to possible at home in the mountains and away from cities in BC. I am doing the ring currently in a 2wd camper, that has been interesting for sure. We are at Hofn for the night. I keep passing the F roads and am looking very forward to the second leg of this trip with a truck. I will get in touch July 25 or so about meeting up. I will be with Derek then who I am renting the truck with. We have rented a G max with a collapsible camper in the back and told it was suitable for the highlands, so we shall see what it looks like…!

    Cheers, safe trails,

    • Neil Smith
      | Reply

      Hei Kristen
      Thanks a lot for your message – glad you like our blog.
      We have been out of internet range for 3 days and only just got back into internet connection.
      I will have 3 or 4 days blog to write up now…….tough to catch up, when you are so tired after long hard days driving.
      Glad to read you are having a good time.
      We will be in the Gullfoss / Geysir region by tomorrow, then moving on to Húsafell / Langjökull region.
      Hope we can meet up later.
      Tak care and enjoy your Iceland experience.

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