Day 42: North Sea (Northbound) – Stavanger

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Day 42: Sunday 13 August 2017


Good night sleep, but unfortunate early wake-up call at 05:45.

Weather at start of day was cool and overcast, but no rain.


Arrived Tananger Ferry Terminal, Stavanger, Norway at 06:30 AM, on schedule, which meant a very early rise and start to the day.

The overnight crossing was smooth, and we all slept well.



Once we had departed the ferry and passed thought Norwegian Customs, we drove straight home, where we unpacked the 2 Arctic Trucks of all the expedition boxes and gear.

We then spent the remainder of the day, unpacking, sorting, cleaning, washing, drying and generally getting as much achieved as possible.



It been a truly fantastic adventure, and we still have a lot of images, videos and blog articles to deliver – so don’t go away !!!


Similar situation to what we experienced during ICE2015.

See ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 30: North Sea (Southeast Bound) – Hirtshals

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