Day 41: North Sea (Southbound) – Hirtshals (Denmark) – North Sea (Northbound)

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Day 41: Saturday 12 August 2017


Weather at start of day, and for most of rest of day, was clear blue skies, cool slight wind, occasionally overcast.

Sea conditions became much more calm, reducing roll of the boat to almost nothing.


After another good nights sleep and relaxation on the ferry, we packed our belonging and arrived at Hirtshals Ferry Terminal around midday – on schedule.



Once again, the car stacking system was extremely tight, making it difficult for most folks to get into their cars.



Once we landed in Denmark, we visited the North Sea Oceanarium (Nordsøen Oceanarium) for a couple of hours, where we experienced the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe.


Some of the “fish tanks” were simply enormous, and quite fascinating to just sit and watch, as the many fish types inside made their way around the tanks.
We even experienced a live show with a diver / guide in the main large tank – interesting.



We also had the pleasure to experience the feeding of the Seals outside, which was quite fun.
Some of them performing minor tricks (flipper waving, flipper splashing, nose high-fives, etc.), to gain the attendants attention and gain more food.



We then returned to the same ferry terminal we had left just a few hours before, to join the overnight Fjordline Ferry to Stavanger.



Dina even found the time to do a little nail polish, before boarding…



This time, we were parked along with the larger lorries and trucks, so we had a lot more space to move around between vehicles.



Once on board, we did the usual Duty Free Shopping, before eating dinner and relaxing to the cabin.

The sea conditions were very calm, with “flat sea” all the way.

This was our last night away on holiday, as tomorrow morning we return home to Norway.


Similar situation to what we experienced during ICE2015.

See ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 30: North Sea (Southeast Bound) – Hirtshals

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