Day 40: North Atlantic Ocean – Tórshavn (Faroe Islands) – North Sea (Southbound)

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Day 40: Friday 11 August 2017


Reasonably good night sleep for all.

Weather all day was overcast, low cloud, cool, windy and occasional light rain.


We all really benefitted from a nice, long, relaxing and trouble-free night, sleeping in comfortable cabin beds.
It’s probably what we all needed after such a long period of camping, sleep deprivation, injuries, and 5-6 weeks on the move, etc.


In the middle of night (ca.03:00 AM) the ferry called into Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, to drop-off / pick-up passengers.
Fortunately, this only slightly disrupted our sleep, due to our cabin NOT being located directly above the upper car deck (as was the case during ICE2015).


Sea conditions throughout the day were reasonably calm for the North Atlantic, with only the minimum swells and rolls, totally within expectation of a ferry boat of such size on these Oceanic currents.
However, this did once again affect both Gunnar and Dina, making them stay in the cabin most of the day, to prevent sea sickness.



Before evening dinner, Neil and Tuva went to the ferry cinema, to seen the new film “Despicable Me 3” which we really enjoyed.


After evening dinner, we all returned to the cabin for relaxing evening and another early nights sleep.


Altogether, a similar experience to what we experienced during ICE2015.

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