Day 4: Uthlið – Hjálparfoss – Háifoss – Thórsmörk – Reykjavík

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Today we left the hytte at Uthlið, and once again began our journey in the morning darkness.

After packing the car and cleaning the hytte, we drove SE, stopping at 2 waterfalls along the way, Hjálparfoss & Háifoss.


Hjálparfoss was our first stop. Here the waterfall was in full flow.



We then drove on to Háifoss, near Hekla, where the wind really picked-up and was quite cold.
The river Fossá, a tributary of Þjórsá, drops here from a height of 122 m, forming the second highest waterfall of Iceland.

Occasionally, the wind was so strong that the waterfall was actually flowing upwards…




We then drove to Thórsmörk, briefly stopping at Seljalandsfoss for lunch along the way.




The weather turned for the worst whist in the Thórsmörk valley, with low cloud and rain, but we did manage to drive all the way into valley to reach the glacier Eyjafjallajökull.

Here, the glacier clearly showed a mark retreat, compared to the same time last year, indicating a significant loss of ice and and a retreating glacier.




On our way into Reykjavík, we stopped at Arctic Trucks, to take a look into their shop window, and see the latest car projects standing outside.


We then returned to the Dreki Adventures garage / lock-up, to return equipment back to storage, and conduct a few minor repairs to the 6X6 after its latest adventures.

Once finished, we drove to Reykjavik Lights Hotel, where we spent our last night in Iceland.


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