Day 4: Seyðisfjörður – Egilsstaðir – Höfn

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Day 04: Thursday 06 July 2017


Day began with an early rise (after a good night on the sea), as we had to vacate our cabin an hour before Smyril Line Ferry Norröna arrived in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

The ferry arrived half hour ahead of schedule, at 09:00, and unloading went reasonably quickly and efficiently.


The weather on arrival was low cloud, with drizzle / rain – typical Seyðisfjörður arrival conditions…


Getting back into the cars was of course a real nightmare, even for us, and a lot worse for some folks, with virtually no room at all to open the car doors to get inside – extremely tight squeeze.



The Customs clearance at Seyðisfjörður Ferry Terminal was fast and efficient – no stops or cheks.




Once ashore, we stopped at the first car park, and installed the roof antennae system for Exploration Vehicle 1, so that we could begin use of our tracking system.



We then drove Road 93 (Seyðisfjarðarvegur) from Seyðisfjörður to Egilsstaðir, where we stopped for lunch, before shopping a Bonus, where we met an Arctic Trucks 6X6, who kindly sent us a message later via our Facebook Page – Thank you !!!



This day was similar routine to what we encountered last time on ICE2015 (ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 7: Seyðisfjörður – Mount Askja (Dreki)) when we arrived in Iceland,
and in reverse order of driving direction (ICE2015 Bog Articles: Day 25: Höfn – Reyðarfjörður & Day 26: Reyðarfjörður – Egilsstaðir)


We then took Road 1 south / west (clockwise), before joining Road 939 (Axarvegur) as a short-cut to Berufjörður, before returning back to Road 1 with Búlandstindur mountain on our right side and Berufjörður fjord on our left side.



The weather was poor the whole day, with visibility dropping at times to just a few meters – low dense cloud and rain.



We then continued along Road 1 south / west (clockwise) to Höfn, having Hamarsfjörður and Álftafjörður open sea (Atlantic Ocean) on our left side most of the time.

Dina was so tired she slept most of this trip…



We made a short break stop along the way, where we saw a very nice dyke injection structure.



However, the weather never really improved throughout our journey…



We arrived at Höfn (or Höfn í Hornafirði) in the late afternoon / evening, where we stayed at the Höfn campsite overnight.



Once we arrived a the campsite, we fitted the Front Runner Roof Rack System, loaded the spare wheel onto it, fitted roof bars and antenna for CB (Citizen Band) and WiFi systems, as well as redistributed the weight and equipment for both Expedition Vehicles.



We then drove into Höfn town, to eat an excellent dinner at Pakkhús Veitingar Restaurant.

Spent the evening catching up with 3 days of blog article publications, which were held up due to multiple reasons the last 3 days….


Todays tracking data map:


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  1. Julio R Garcia Granados
    | Reply

    CHEERS from OB#4849…have a great trip….will be following in cyberspace.

    • Neil Smith
      | Reply

      Hei Julio
      Thanks for the positive message – much appreciated.
      Good to be making new OB friends.
      Hope you like our blog over the next 5 weeks – please keep following.
      But be patient, the internet connection is not always good…
      Feel free to send more messages of support if you wish.
      Cheers from Southern Iceland 🙂

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