Day 39: Egilsstaðir – Seyðisfjörður – North Atlantic Ocean (on route to Faroe Islands)

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Day 39: Thursday 10 August 2017


Good night sleep in hotel bed, but very early rise…

Weather at start of day was cool and overcast, with occasional drizzle in low cloud areas.


Early breakfast in Hotel Restaurant before leaving Hotel Edda Egilsstaðir.



Drove Road 93 (Seyðisfjarðarvegur) east to Seyðisfjörður (Visit Seyðisfjörður Website).

Lots of traffic, all heading towards to the Ferry Terminal – either to board the ferry, or meet someone arriving with the ferry.



The traffic queue around the Seyðisfjörður Ferry Terminal, was bordering on serious chaos and gridlock.

Hundreds of vehicles in the small town, all trying to either get out of town (new arrivals) or get to the ferry terminal check-in gates.

Quite stressful once the time got nearer and nearer scheduled departure time……


What really didn’t help, was the fact that there was another 2 cruise ships in the small harbour area at the same time – with lots of passengers disembarking to join coach trips into Iceland mainland.

This just added additional chaos and gridlock to the already over-stretched town road system.



We eventually boarded the Smyril Line ferry (M/S Norröna) and once again experienced the very tight squeeze parking arrangement, similar to what we experienced during ICE2015.
See ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 28: Seyðisfjörður – North Atlantic (Southeast Bound)



Once on-board, we visited our cabin, and prepared ourselves for 2 full days at sea.


Went for walk around upper decks and made ourselves once again acquainted with the layout and services on offer.

Nice to stay outside on deck, watching our departure from Seyðisfjörður and Iceland.



Later in the evening, we all went to the cinema to see “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales / Salazar’s Revenge” – which was great fun.



Sea conditions were Slight-Moderate waves, with some gentle rocking of the boat, which unfortunately affected both Gunnar and Dina.

Due to everyone being so tired, we all had an early night, to help our recovery process.


Tracking Data for today:

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