Day 38: Egilsstaðir

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Day 38: Wednesday 09 August 2017


Last full day in Iceland on ICE2017 !!!


Weather at start of day was sunny and dry, after a night of rain.

However, the rain returned before we had time to break camp, making the tent and many items very wet before storage for the journey home.

Exactly the weather we didn’t need when breaking camp for the last time……



Eat tail-gate breakfast outside Egilsstaðir Camping site building, in a short break between rain showers.



We then washed both Expedition Vehicles for the last time, to make them reasonably clean for the ferry journey home.



Spent the whole day in Egilsstaðir.

Relaxed at SALT Cafe & Bistro, enjoying coffee whilst working on internet tasks, generating blog articles, etc..

Last minute gift shopping around town.



Headed to Hotel Edda Egilsstaðir as soon as we could have access to our room, so that we could shower, change, relax and prepare for our journey home.



Repacked equipment, expedition transport boxes, personal bags.

Prepared both Expedition Vehicles as “Ferry Ready” for tomorrow mornings early departure to Seyðisfjörður, to catch the Smyril Lines Ferry (M/S Norröna) back to Denmark.



Both Tuva and Dina enjoyed the Hotel Internet.



Eat evening dinner in Hotel Edda Restaurant, which was very nice.

Relaxing evening.


No Tracking Data today.

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