Day 35: Vopnafjörður – Hlíðarvegur – Borgarfjarðarvegur – Borgarfjörður Eystri – Bakkagerði

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Day 35: Sunday 06 August 2017


Good nights sleep was had by all.

Weather at start of day, and for rest of day, was blue skies, sunshine, and no rain – very nice travel conditions.
Colder on the high mountain passes.


Left Vopnafjörður Campsite (Campsite Official website) late, due to spending all morning catching-up writing and publishing numerous blog articles.
Good to catch-up with most the backlog of daily blogs, after many days of poor internet connectivity…



Drove from Vopnafjörður along Road 917 (Hlíðarvegur) until Road 1.



What a fantastic road !!!

Superb driving, lots of tight switchback bends and curves, high drop-offs (not for the faint hearted), and totally amazing views from the top – awesome experience.



Of course, Anja was out there taking loads of photos – with her multiple camera devices….



After crossing the Jökulsá á Dal river bridge on Road 1, we then drove Road 925 (Hróarstunguvegur) to Lagarfoss, where we stopped for lunch.

Here in this area, the Jökulsá á Dal river finally discharges into the sea, via a broad river valley plain, which creates a magnificent view from the mountain passes either side.

This area is renowned for its quite seclusion and bird, seal and reindeer spotting, although we didn’t spot any today.

However, Anja did manage to spot and photograph an eagle?




We then drove Road 944 (Lagarfossvegur) northwards, crossing the Lagarfljót river at Lagarfossstöð, to meet Road 94 (Borgarfjarðarvegur) eastwards to Bakkagerði. 



This was the second fantastic road event of the day, once again offering spectacular driving conditions, incredible views and a truly memorable experience.

With the really sunny weather today, this journey was very special and highly rewarding.



Once we reached Bakkagerði, we located Bakkagerði Campsite (Official Campsite Website) and once again met our German frineds, that we have already met 2 times before on our travels:

Day 17: Hafnarfjörður – Selfoss – Hvolsvöllur
Day 18: Hvolsvöllur – Þórsmörk – Seljalandsfoss – Strútur

Their distinctive blue & white, 1965 Mercedes converted military ambulance, now seems part of our Iceland adventure, as we keep meeting up in the most remote of locations.



The campsite is placed at the foot of a rocky hill which is the home of the elves.
There are paths that go around it and to the top where there is a panoramic viewpoint.
This rocky hill is called Álfaborg, and is a reserved area.
If you believe in elves this is an interesting place to visit, the elves don’t mind guests, as long as they respect their home – the rocks.



Bakkagerði is a coastal hamlet in eastern Iceland. It is part of the municipality of Borgarfjarðarhreppur and situated on the coast of the Borgarfjörður Eystri.

The town derives its name from the Álfaborg (Elf Rock). Some of the locals believe that the queen of the elves lives in the Álfaborg.
The main attraction for visitors is hiking. Borgarfjörður Eystri is also home to a large puffin colony.
Since 2004, a music festival has been put on in the summer, and attracts over 2,000 visitors.

A church in Borgarfjörður Eystri has a painting by Jóhannes Sveinsson Kjarval that depicts Jesus on the cross on an elf hill.
The local bishop has refused to bless the painting because of this….

After dinner, we continued to catch-up with photo downloading & editing, and website blog generation & publication.



Anja complemented her dinner meal pack with a little taste from home – Norwegian Cider (saved for the last night in Iceland).



Really nice day – Today was Anjas last full day with the ICE2017 Team in Iceland.

Tomorrow she begins her 2 day journey home, via a night stopover in Reykjavik – see tomorrows blog.


Tracking Data for today:

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