Day 34: Ásbyrgi – Þórshöfn – Bakkafjörður – Vopnafjörður

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Day 34: Saturday 05 August 2017


Left Ásbyrgi and drove east along Road 85 (Norðausturvegur).



Passed Svalbarð (not the Norwegian one…) along the way.



Stopped at Þórshöfn to do some essential supply shopping.


Þórshöfn is a small fishing village in northeast Iceland, located on the northern coast of the Langanes peninsula on the Þistilfjörður bay.

The village has a population of 380 people.
It is the administrative centre of Langanesbyggð municipality and of the neighbouring Svalbarðshreppur municipality.

Þórshöfn is also the Icelandic name of Tórshavn (capital of the Faroe Islands).



Passed some interesting abandoned buildings along the way.


Passed Bakkafjörður along the way.


Before arrival at Vopnafjörður we visited the Selárdalur Swimming Pool, to check opening hours.



Arrived at Vopnafjörður early afternoon, in good time to pitch tents at Vopnafjörður Campsite (Campsite Official website).


Vopnafjörður (literally means Weapon Fjord or Weapon Bay) is a village and municipality in Northeast Iceland, standing on a peninsula in the middle of a mountainous bay by the same name.
Main industries of Vopnafjörður are fish processing, agriculture and tourism and other services.


After setting up camp we returned to Selárdalur Swimming Pool, to take a welcome bath, hot tub and swim.



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