Day 33: Ásbyrgi – Kópasker – Melrakkaslétta – Raufarhöfn – Ásbyrgi

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Day 33: Friday 04 August 2017


Good nights sleep for all.

Weather at start of day, and for most of the day was blue skies and sunshine, though strong winds made it cool / cold at times.


Neil and Anja took a day trip alone today, driving clockwise around north-eastern tip of the sparsely populated Melrakkaslétta peninsula, visiting the most northerly point of mainland Iceland.

Gunnar, Tuva & Dina chose a relaxation day at the Jökulsárgljúfur campsite.



Drove Road 85 (Norðausturvegur) north to Kópasker, a small village with approximately 120 inhabitants in the municipality of Norðurþing, situated on the eastern shore of Öxarfjörður in northeast Iceland.

Visited their small but interesting lighthouse.



In the village there is the Kópasker Earthquake Center.

In 1976 a big earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale destroyed several houses and other structures in the area.



Visited most northern point of mainland Iceland (Hraunhafnartangi Lighthouse), where we eat lunch.



Lots of drift wood on the rocky deserted beaches along this northern coastline.


Continued driving around north-eastern tip of Melrakkaslétta peninsula to Raufarhöfn


Raufarhöfn is a village located on the northeastern tip of the Melrakkaslétta peninsula in Iceland.
At one point in time, this small village was home to largest export harbor in Iceland.
In the 1940s and 1950s, the Herring frenzy dominated the Icelandic economy and Raufarhöfn was an important place in that economic chain.
But after the herring disappeared the effect was devastating for the village.
This is the reason for the old and interesting factory buildings, and the town looks quite run-down.



The village is the site of a modern monument called “Arctic Henge” which is aligned to the heavens and is inspired by the mythical world of the Eddic poem Völuspá (Prophecy of the Seeress).



No Tracking Data from today.

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