Day 3: Uthlið – Hlöðufell – Lambahraun – Uthlið

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Once again, we started the day early, in pitch darkness, driving SW along Highway 37 from Uthlið to Miðdalur.

Here we left the main road, to once again accept the challenge of the road sign “Inaccessible” onto Mountain Road F337.




Once we climbed the steep incline of Mountain Road F337 and reached the top, we adjusted the tire pressures again, ready for another days drive through soft snow and lava terrain.
Here we see Gunnar learning how to connect the central inflation system on the 6X6 Arctic Trucks.




We encountered very soft snow in many locations along the way, and had to dig ourselves out on one occasion, where the snow was especially soft and deep, which was fun.




Throughout the whole day, the scenery was spectacular, with the constant changing weather conditions adding interesting shades and colour to the landscape.




We took the opportunity to fly the drones at a few choice locations, and gained lot of of very nice video footage.




Some of the mountains, valleys, gorges and rivers we encountered today were truly inspirational.





And what made it all the more interesting, was that we did not meet a single person / car throughout this epic journey – just silence and beautiful landscapes.




On quite a few occasions today, we encountered boulders in the middle of the road, as a result of recent weathering, rock fall and landslide activity, which is quite normal for this kind of high mountain road.

However, at one point we had to turn back, due to complete loss of the road, as a result of landslide blockage.
Neil tried to move some of the boulders, but they proved far too heavy and embedded in debris to allow any road clearance activity.




After this unfortunate u-turn in our journey, we joined Mountain Road F338 and drove eastwards down to the main Highway 35.
Once there, we briefly stopped at both Gullfoss and Geysir on our way back to the hytte at Uthlið.


Below is a short video of some of the amazing video imagery we captured today.
We hope you enjoy it.


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