Day 3: North Sea (Northbound) – Tórshavn (Faroe Islands) – North Atlantic Ocean (on route to Iceland)

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Day 03: Wednesday 05 July 2017


Reasonable night for all, despite ferry slight rocking & creaking as we sailed further north into the North Sea.

Everyone slept in, so we had a late start to the day.


Spent morning in swimming pool & sauna.
With the waves outside, the water inside the swimming pool was once again offering a “natural wave machine” effect, which was great fun.


Rest of the afternoon was spent either chilling out, updating ICE2017 website / blog, preparation reading, or taking a tour of the ship to see what other facilities it had to offer.


Weather & sea conditions remain relatively clam & good.


Just before dinner, the ferry stopped at Tórshavn (Faroe Islands), to drop-off / pick-up passengers.

The weather was nice, so we went outside, to view the harbour – which is very nice.



After dinner, we rented one of the 3 outside Hot Tubs on the upper rear deck of the ferry.



It was great sitting in a hot tub, outside, on the rear upper deck, looking out to sea and watching the Faroe Islands slip away to the horizon…

Great experience.



Similar day to what we experienced during ICE2015.

See ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 3: North Sea – Tórshavn (Faroe Islands) – Gamlarætt Ferry Terminal (Streymoy)

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