Day 28: Varmahlíð – Rest & Recover Day

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Day 28: Sunday 30 July 2017


Today, we basically stayed all day in the Hestasport cottage, to just relax, rest and recover, after yesterdays unfortunate incident.


Despite all our aches, pains and bruises, most of us had a reasonable nights rest.



This also provided us with a chance to catch up with photo downloads, internet updates, and blog article generation and publication.

And some feature film watching……….



After lunch, Neil, Anja & Tuva dropped into the Hestasport office to provide a situation update.

Thanks again for all their help and support – especially Magnús.


After a quick supply shopping at the local store, Neil and Anja took a relaxing dip in the Hestasport Cottages hot tub – to ease their aching bones.

Having the hot tub to themselves was very nice…



In the evening, Mike & Pete Herbert from Dreki Adventures dropped by to visit us all, which was very nice.



And Anja did a spot of knitting and photography later in the evening.



No Tracing Data today.

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