Day 27: Varmahlíð – Horse Riding Day Trip – Varmahlíð

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Day 27: Saturday 29 July 2017


Another good nights sleep in a bed…


Weather at start of day, and for the rest of the day, was cool, overcast, with wind, making the riding quite cold at times.


Today was Horse Riding tour day.


We took the Hestasport day trip “off we go” tour – Spending a whole day travelling on horseback is truly Icelandic !



In the beginning of the trip, we were introduced to our two best friends for the day: our 2 horses.
Whilst riding one of them, we lead the other horse beside us and later changed.
Our guides Nele and Beatrice explained everything, so that we could do this comfortably.
Riding Icelandic style with a “handhorse” is certainly a unique and wonderful experience.
The river crossings were also quite interesting.



During the ride we followed the Húseyjarkvísl stream and explored the glacial river delta Héraðsvötn, where we experienced a wide variety of birds and the impressive panorama of Skagafjörður mountains, while tölting on nice and comfortable riding paths.



Unfortunately, just before the half way point, there was a unfortunate incident, for which no one is to blame, whereby 4 of us fell of our horse whist cantering.

Tuva, Gunnar and Anja all took a fall at the same time, and Neil slightly later.

Tuva, Anja and Neil only received brusing and aches, whist Gunnar received a more serious injury – later to be confirmed as a broken collar bone.


Gunnar, Anja and Tuva were very quickly recovered by Hestasport, and immediately taken to the local hospital in Sauðárkrókur for medical checks (thanks a lot to Gergő who did a great job).

At the hospital, it was confirmed that Gunnar had broken his left collar bone, and was subsequently bandaged up with the classic figure eight pull-back strap and arm sling + pain killers.


Dina was the star of the day – she stayed on her horse, with no incidents, and enjoyed the whole experience.

Neil & Dina decided to continued the day trip, whist Gunnar, Anja & Tuva visited the local hospital.

The day trip was very good and both Dina and Neil enjoyed the full experience, although Neils back was quite painful after the fall and later riding movements.

But the overall experience was a great day trip for Neil and Dina.



We would like to sincerely thank all Hestasport Team for all their help and support, throughout this unfortunate incident.

Thanks a lot goes to Nele and Beatrice – for a great day trip (sorry you had to experience all our falls….)

Thanks a lot goes to Gergő, for collecting the injured so quickly, for diagnosing their condition in the field, and for taking them to the local hospital.

Thanks a lot goes to Magdalena in Hestasport office, for keeping track of the situation.

Last, but certainly not least, special thanks goes to Magnús, for his commitment and total support – really highly appreciated.


We would like to emphasise that Hestasport were in no way responsible for today unfortunate incident.

Horse riding has its inherent risks, and we simply had an unfortunate chain of events, that resulted in today incident.

We will certainly still be recommending Hestasport to all our website / blog followers and friends in the future.

They did a great job, and we are very happy with the way they professionally and sympathetically dealt with our unfortunate situation.



What is interesting is that Beatrice (Hestasport Riding Instructor) was wearing / running a GoPro4 at the rear of the team, when the combined fall of Tuva, Gunnar and Anja took place.

We “look forward” to seeing this video file and sharing it with you later….


As a consequence of todays incident, 4 of the ICE2017 Team are bruised and Gunnar also injured.

We therefore request an extension of our stay at our Hestasport cottage for 1 additional night, to allow us all to rest and recover, before moving on to our next destination.


Luckily, Anja is our back-up driver, and now has to stand-in for Gunnar, until he has recovered sufficiently, to drive again (which could take a week or so….)

We may have to adjust our agenda / plans, especially for the more rough road sections, as the constant rough shocks of F-road driving would not help the recovery of bruised bodies.


Anja & Neil recovered Expedition Vehicle 1 from the paddock, and later went fast-food shopping in town, to make evening dinner simple.

Thank you again to Magnús, who dropped in on us later in the evening, to check on our condition and to deliver some very welcome drinks.


Nice Sunset to end this eventful day….



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