Day 26: Hvamstangi – Varmahlíð

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Day 26: Friday 28 July 2017


Another good nights sleep in a bed.


Weather at start of day was windy (although still strong – less than yesterday), cool, overcast, but no rain, improving slightly later in the day.


Over the last 2 days, both Neil and Anja have been suffering from stomach issues – Especially Neil, which developed into stomach cramps and loose stomach – possible food poisoning?

We therefore decided to take things easy today, and drive directly to our destination, rather than sightsee along the way.


Before leaving Hvammstangi, we visited their local shops for supplies.

One shop was particularly interesting – the local hardware store & Liquorstore combined into one !!!

Now that’s a place you can “get a hammer & get hammered”………



Left Hvammstangi Hostel and Hvammstangi via Road 72 (Hvammstangavegur), where we drove Road 1 east, directly to Varmahlíð. 



Arrived at Varmahlíð to Hestasport, where we have rented one of their cottages for 2 nights.



Varmahlíð is a small village on an eastern hill slope for which the town is named (varmur=warm, hlíð=slope) near Skagafjörður in northern Iceland.

It is in the middle of a flourishing agricultural area, where the Icelandic horse has been treasured for centuries, and one of the main industries is horse-rearing.

The area has an abundance of geothermal hot water, hence Varmahlíð has a number of greenhouses with tropical and sub-tropical fruits and vegetables.


After checking in at Hestasport, we watched an inspirational DVD about a local champion horse (Kraftur) from this local region.

Very interesting documentary, and provided inspiration for the forthcoming horse riding day ahead.



We then moved into our cottage (Fuglahús / Bird house) which is actually a 2 persons cottage, which we requested 3 additional beds (budget limitations…).



Neil was not feeling so well, and took a long afternoon nap to recover, whist the rest of the ICE2017 Team visited the Hestasport horses.



Hestasport is an ICE2017 Sponsor.

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