Day 25: Hvammstangi – Vatnsnes – Hvítserkur – Hvammstangi

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Day 25: Thursday 27 July 2017


Good nights sleep in Hvammstangi Hostel – Great to sleep in a bed again….

Weather was cold and windy, but blue skies and no rain all day.


Decided to stay one more night at this very good hostel – highly recommended.


Spent the morning catching up with internet / blog article generation and publication.


After lunch, Neil and Anja took a clockwise drive around Vatnsnes peninsula along Road 711 (Vatnsnesvegur), to see a few of the local sights.



Our first stop was at Anastaðastapi, which is a lava sea stack, with an unmanned lighthouse nearby.



We then stopped at Hamarsrett, where we visited an interesting sheep corral / pen on the sea cliffs.



We then visited Svalbarð (not the Nowegian one), where we saw seals basking in the sun, on the shores of a small island just offshore.



After that, we drove on to Illugastaðir, to see more seals and bird life, as well as an old farm tractor.



We then drove to the tip of Vatnsnes peninsula, to Hindisvik, where until recently more seals could be spotted.
However, the area has recently been closed, to allow the seal population to regain their numbers, which have been in decline over recent period.



The next stop was at Hvítserkur, which is a 15m high basalt sea stack along the eastern shore of the Vatnsnes peninsula.



The sea stack has two holes at the base, which give it the appearance of a dragon who is drinking / or a troll (depending on your point of view).
The base of the stack has been reinforced with concrete to protect its foundations from the sea.
Several species of birds, such as gulls and fulmars, live on at Hvítserkur and its name (“white shit” in Icelandic) comes from the colour of the guano deposited on its rocks.



We were fortunate enough to arrive when the tide was out.
So, we scrambled down the cliff, and crossed the sand bars out to the sea stack.
Excellent experience…



If you look closely, you may see Neil “holding up” the sea stack…..


After that we drove onto Road 717 (Borgarvegur) to Borgarvirki, which was a really interesting road.

We then joined Road 716 (Síðuvegur) east to re-joined Road 711 (Vatnsnesvegur) back to Road 1 and Road 72 (Hvammstangavegur) to Hvammstangi.

Very windy afternoon photographic session, but well worth the trip.


No Tracking Data today.

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  1. Kristen Gill
    | Reply

    Greetings from Borgarfjordur Eystri, in the northern east fjords! I see you are in the north west, we are heading west tomorrow morning after the music festival we are at right now. It is raining sideways here currently, so luckily it is in a covered venue. We took the F910 headed east from to Askja a couple of days ago, it was rough, but not difficult. Just slow. The water crossings were far lower than they could have been, same as with the F88 we took the next day to Myvatn area briefly. The highes water we have found is I estimate 50 or 60 cm.Our 4×4 rental is a very capable Isuzu D – max with a camper in the back and 33′ tires. We have been very impressed by it, especially on the f910.

    We went on a wild goosechase to find an elusive hot springs (didn’t find it) we thought we had coordinates for on route 907 and found some interesting Viking history and haunted areas instead! We plan to head to the geothermal areas off the Kjolur F35 route Monday, then to the west fjords so not sure if we will cross paths, I am thinking not; we have a loose plan and are sticking to general areas.

    Cheers and safe, happy trails! (I can’t find the other thread I posted in…)


  2. Kristen Gill
    | Reply

    correction – took the 910 headed east TO Askja from north of Landmannalaguar, via the F26

    • Neil Smith
      | Reply

      Hei Kristen
      Thanks a lot for your status update.
      Sounds like the F910 worked out well for you, and the Isuzu D-Max Camper.
      We have to change our plans now – 4 of us had riding accident a few days ago.
      Gunnar broke his collar bone, so we are revising our plans and agenda.
      Less likely we will have option to meet up now.
      Pity, but lets keep in touch and connect via Overland Bound forum later.
      Take care and happy trails in Iceland.
      Neil 🙂

      • Kristen Gill
        | Reply


        I am sad to hear there was an injury, that is so unfortunate on a trip like this. But it looks like you have taken care of it.

        We had a G Max, not a D max! I kept getting it mixed up.

        Iceland was an incredible month for me, I am sure it was for your crew overall! I have been back home for one week now.

        Vancouver, BC, Canada

  3. Rakel
    | Reply

    Thank you for your kind words, it was a pleasure hosting you guys. Hopefully we will meet again in Hvammstangi Hostel or Hvammstangi Cottages. Best regards, Rakel

    • Neil Smith
      | Reply

      Hei Rakel
      Thanks a lot for your kind message.
      It was really good to stay at Hvammstangi Hostel.
      We look forward to our next visit, and will recommend the place for others.
      See you next time.
      Neil 🙂

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