Day 24: Húsafell – Langjökull – Hvammstangi

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Day 24: Wednesday 26 July 2017


Weather at start of day, and for the rest of the day, was very nice, blue sky, warm, sunny, and very pleasant.

Due to the good weather forecast, we decided to move on from Húsafell and gain a day ahead of our ICE2017 Agenda.


Spent day driving around Langjökull and its surroundings areas.


We first drove up the Mountain Strútur which has a radio / telephone relay station at its summit.

Before driving to the summit, we lowered our tire pressures, and Tuva assisted Mike Herbert with reducing the tire pressures on Dreki Adventures 6X6 Arctic Trucks.



The drive to the top of this mountain was very interesting, difficult and demanding drive, and certainly not for the faint hearted or for anyone that suffers from heights / vertigo.

The last section of the climb was the most intense, with a very steep climb, up loose / sliding rocks, which placed demands on both the Expedition Vehicles and drivers…



But once we reached the summit, the view over the whole region was spectacular…



Notice the rounded summit top………..



Drove Mountain Road F578 (Arnarvatnsvegur) north-eastwards, which swings around the northern edge of Langjökull, passing through the extensive Hallmundarhraun lava fields.


Stopped at Surthellir Lava Caves, where were explored inside one the Lava Tube caves for a while.
Approximately one mile in length, it is the longest such cave in Iceland.



We then continued to drive Mountain Road F578 (Arnarvatnsvegur) north-eastwards, swinging around the northern edge of Langjökull, before stopping at a Mountain Hut for lunch.



After lunch we continued to drive north, and Mike Herbert filmed one of our river crossing with his drone quadcopter.



Crossing Arnarvatnheidi today… This is from one of the river crossings, film with tha dji mavic… =)

Posted by Dreki on 26. juli 2017


We then continued to drive Mountain Road F578 (Arnarvatnsvegur) north-eastwards.



However, when we reached the historical earth building (Hliðskjálf) the road was closed & locked.



We therefore had to revise our plans and decided to take Mountain Road F578 northwards, to eventually reach Road 704 (Miðfjarðarvegur) driving through Laugarbakki onto Road 1 eastbound, before joining Road 72 (Hvammstangavegur) to Hvammstangi.


Thanks to Pete Herbert, for opening and closing all those gates we had to dive through  – Great job !!!


By the time we reached Hvammstangi on the Northern Coast, the weather conditions had dramatically changed, with very strong cold winds.

We therefore decided not to camp, but to stay the night at the newly bult and only just opened Hvammstangi Hostel.

The Hostel was very nice, clean and friendly staff – excellent accommodation.



We accidently reached Hvammstangi on the day their local town festival started (Eldur í Húnaþingi), which was interesting, with many of the houses and buildings decorated in orange decorations for the event.


Eat evening dinner at Sjávarborg Restaurant,  which is located directly above the Icelandic Seal Centre (Museum) in Hvammstangi.

Very nice restaurant and very good food.



After evening dinner, Neil & Anja took a walk along the seafront / Harbour area, allowing Anja to take some photos of the wind-blown waves crashing onto the shoreline rocks.



Tracking Data for today (NOTE – Some of the tracking data experienced data issues, causing “straight line” sections…)


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