Day 23: Úthlíð – Skagabrekkur – Kaldadalsvegur – Húsafell

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Day 23: Tuesday 25 July 2017


Good nights sleep for all, with clam & dry weather all night.

Weather throughout the day was very nice, warm and sunny – welcome relief.


Left Úthlíð late, as Gunnar had to drive all the way to Selfoss to buy a replacement battery for Expedition Vehicle 1, followed by quick supply shopping in Laugarvatn.



Once we were underway, we drove Road 37 (Laugarvatnsvegur) to join Mountain Road F337 (Hlöðuvallavegur).

This was a steep and very bumpy climb, with excellent views of the whole area once we reached to the top.

Neil and Gunnar experienced this road in December 2016, when they were here with Dreki Adventures.
See Blog Article: Day 3: Uthlið – Hlöðufell – Lambahraun – Uthlið



Once we reached the road junction near Höðufell (Mountain in photo above) we stopped for lunch.



We then took a left turn to drive westwards along a less frequented, and occasionally quite rough and bumpy Mountain Track / Road (Eyfirðingavgur), until we reached joined Road 52 (Uxahryggjavegur) to then join Mountain Road F550 (Kaldadalsvegur) north, along Kaldidalur “cold dale / valley” towards Húsafell.



Whilst passing through Kaldidalur, passed the small Ok Ice peak on our left, with Þórisjökull and later Geitlandsjökull (Langjökull) on our right.

Okjökull glacier in Borgarfjörður, West Iceland, has lost its glacier title and is now simply known as “Ok”.
In order to fit the criteria glaciers need to be thick enough to sink and move under their own weight, which Ok is not.
Ok is the first Icelandic glacier to lose its title.


Once we reached Húsafell we joined up again with Mike & Pete Herbert from Dreki Adventures (ICE2015 Supporter), and stayed overnight together at Húsafell Campsite.

Húsafell Campsite was very packed, and it took us a while to find a suitable spot that could accommodate all 3 expedition vehicles and tents.

We stayed here during ICE2015: ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 15: Ólafsvík – Húsafell



Once we pitched our tents, we cooked up a nice BBQ meal.



After BBQ dinner, most of us went for a swim & hot tubs at Húsafell Swimming Pool which is on the campsite grounds.


Tracking Data for today:



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