Day 21: Flúðir – Gullfoss – Geysir – Úthlíð

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Day 21: Sunday 23 July 2017


Good nights sleep.

Warm sunny weather at start of day, which remained for rest of day – nice to get rid of the rain….



Left Flúðir Campsite and drove Road 30 (Skeiða- og Hrunamannavegur) northbound, to Road 35 (Biskupstungnabraut) northbound to Gullfoss waterfalls.



Visited Gullfoss waterfalls & Gullfoss Visitors Centre.
Very busy with tourists, but good waterfall experience, with nice weather and good photo opportunities.



Here Gunnar had to conduct another quick fix on Expedition Vehicle 1 turbo, after the recent “Shit Mix” fix jumped off, which had to be refitted once the engine had cooled down.

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Drove Road 35 (Biskupstungnabraut) to Geysir, where we experienced Strokkur geysir, as well as the Hot / Boiling Pools.

Later visited Geysir Visitors Centre,  where we all took a welcome ice-cream break, due to the warm sunny weather.



Both Gullfoss & Geysir form part of the Golden Circle, a popular day excursion for tourists in Iceland.



Joined Road 37 (Laugarvatnsvegur) westbound to Úthlíð


Stayed at Úthlíð campsite overnight.

Before pitching the tents, Neil sprayed the tents with waterproofing spray, following the recent long period of wet camping conditions.



Anja enjoyed a relaxation moment…



This is where Gunnar & Neil Stayed, when they joined Mike Herbert on a 5 day adventure with Dreki Adventures in December 2016.


Gunnar, Tuva & Dina took a quick swim in the Úthlíð campsite swimming pool.

Later Mike & Pete Herbert arrived with their 6X6 Arctic Trucks, to say hello and meet up to discuss options for combining our travels over the next few days.



Later in the afternoon, we encountered our first “accident” on the trip, with Anja taking a nasty fall on the dirt road, falling onto her face, casing grazing of the skin on the jaw and a swollen jaw, plus minor scrapes to her legs, hands and chest. She was more concerned about saving the camera from damage, than saving herself during the fall – hence the camera ended up fine, whilst Anja took the hit…


Eat evening dinner at Úthlíð Rettin Restaurant – Once again, superb food, with the local lamb (from Úthlíð farm) and salmon.
Thanks a lot to Hjordis, for all her help and support during the evening.


Spent rest of evening starting to cach-up with internet issues and blog article generation.


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Tracking Data for today.


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