Day 2: Uthlið – Hagavatn – Skálpanes – Uthlið

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(Day 2 began early, in pitch darkness, with a drive from the hytte at Uthlið, along Highway 35 to the NE.




We then took Mountain Road F335 to Hagavatn, toward Langjökull, where we encountered an interesting road sign (that we obviously interpreted as a challenge…)




As we drove Mountain Road F335 towards Hagavatn, light began to filter through, and we experienced sunrise at our destination – which was a totally fantastic place.
Clearly, this place is very rarely visited, and openly presented a feeling of total isolation in Icelandic wilderness – a truly awesome place….




Whilst here, both Mike Herbert (CEO Dreki Adventures) and Gunnar flew their drones, and captured some excellent areal footage.




As you will see from the drone footage published later, the area is superb, and the location very remote…
(see car in centre of drone photo)




Afterwards, we began our return journey back to the main road (Highway 35) where we could enjoy the awesome scenery we missed on the way up, due to darkness.




Once we reached the main road (Highway 35), we took lunch, before heading further NE along Highway 35, where we turned off towards Skálpanes.

Here, we drove upward in the snow, and eventually onto Langjökull glacier – a truly fantastic experience, with great weather conditions.




Driving on the glacier, we did have an interesting moment, slipping into a crevasse, but without any damage to the car or problems to get out of – just great fun…




After returning to the hytte at Uthlið for evening dinner, we immediately returned back into the field, to search for and take photos of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).
The night sky was not perfect, with quite a bit of cloud cover, but with some diving and patient waiting, we did manage to see some Northern Lights and take a few quality photos.




Weather forecast for tomorrow is good – we are looking forward to more exciting adventures in iceland……

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