Day 16: Hafnarfjörður – Arctic Trucks – Keflavík – Reykjavík – Hafnarfjörður

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Day 16: Tuesday 18 July 2017


Good nights sleep.

Weather was fine overnight (for once), but rain started early morning, with high winds, which continued throughout the rest of the day…….



Started day with a visit to Arctic Trucks (Iceland) / Arctic Trucks Experience

Here, we met with Brynja Ísfeld Eyjólfsdóttir of Arctic Trucks Experience (Iceland), who has been one of our main contact persons for ICE2017, and helped set-up todays event.



They were good enough to take in Exploration Vehicle 1 immediately into their workshop, and to start working on the Drive Shaft Universal Joint fix, which we didn’t manage to fix ourselves yesterday.



We were privileged to receive a “behind the scenes” tour of the workshop, where we saw a number of vehicles in the process of rebuild and modification.

Very interesting experience.

We then took a tour around their shop, and bought a number of Arctic Trucks merchandize items – couldn’t resist !!!




Tuva found a new “toy” which she wanted to take home with her…..(photo above)
Whilst Gunnar and Dina tried out another model.



Arctic Trucks (Iceland) / Arctic Trucks Experience have been solid Sponsors and Supporters of both ICE2015 and ICE2017 expeditions.


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Day 18: Hafnarfjörður – Fluðir


After leaving Expedition Vehicle 1 with Arctic Trucks in their workshop, we returned to Hafnarfjörður Campsite for a period.

Tuva eat a “healthy lunch” !!!



We then drove to Keflavík International Airport (KEF), to pick-up Anja, who had arrived via Icelandair (flight: FI338) direct from Stavanger (Sola) Airport.

Weather conditions were terrible, with high winds and torrential rain.



The flight was delayed ca.40 minutes.

Anja had a good flight, and flying conditions were good all the way – no issues

Baggage Reclaim and Customs was fast and efficient.

Anja brought a dog over with her, as a good will gesture to a friend – which was taken into quarantine upon arrival.


Once we had Anja on-board, we drove back to Hafnarfjörður Campsite to establish ourselves.


Gunnar & Neil then drove back to Arctic Trucks to collect Expedition Vehicle 1, which had been fixed.

We would like to once again thank Arctic Trucks for all their positive help and support in our time of need – really highly appreciated.



We then drove into Reykjavík, to meet with Neil’s extended Icelandic family, and take dinner together.

It was really great to meet up with David, Matthildur, Matti & Berglind again – too long since last time…

Matti (Hemstock) kindly gave Neil a copy of his latest music CD, which we are looking forward to playing as we drive around Iceland.



As like all good evening gatherings, it all ended far too early…..


Continued to camp at Hafnarfjörður Campsite

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