Day 14: Hafnarfjörður -Reykjavík – Hafnarfjörður

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Day 14: Sunday 16 July 2017


Reasonably good nights sleep, despite heavy rain showers at times.

Weather at start of day was overcast with occasional cool showers, but from midday onwards it improved, so we took a trip into Reykjavík to view the sights of the city.



Visited the Harbour area first, passing steam locomotive used to build the harbour Reykjavík Docks Railway, before moving over to Harpa Building (Concert House), which features a distinctive coloured glass facade inspired by the basalt landscape of Iceland. Really interesting building.



We then walked along the main shopping street Laugavegur (name means “wash road”), with all the rest of the tourists.
Shop in photo directly below, is one that Anja would really appreciate……


Really like the name of the shop in the photo above….

Called into 66 Degrees North to check out equipment – received promotional stickers, to mount on our Expedition Vehicles.
We really love their kit, and have quite a lot of their equipment with us on this expedition.
The donation of their promotional stickers, qualifies them as one of our Expedition Supporters.
We have added their logo and links to our Supporters logo slider (bottom right) on our Home Page, and thanked them on our Acknowledgements Page.



Enjoyed the brightly painted houses and shops, and very cool street graffiti…



After that we visited Hallgrímskirkja (Lutheran parish church in Reykjavík).
At 74,5 metres high, it is the largest church in Iceland and among the tallest structures in Iceland.



Inside, we witnessed a tuning of the massive pipe organ, ready for a concert tonight.
The person tunning the organ, gave us all quite a shock, when he suddenly blasted us with very low sounds….gave Tuva quite a shock.



Took a welcome break at a cafe (Te and Kaffi) on Laugavegur 

Went shopping into Cintamani shop to check out equipment – Tuva got a new Cintamani sweatshirt.
Looking very Icelandic…



Went for drive along Hafnarfjörður waterfront, and then swam (and hot pot) in the local swimming pool (Suðurbæjarlaug).


Stayed second night at Hafnarfjörður Campsite 

Campsite Team here are really great 🙂


No Tracking Data today.

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