Day 10: Hólmavík – Dalbær – Súðavík – Ísafjörður

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Day 10: Wednesday 12 July 2017



Very Bright night – hard to fall asleep – but once asleep, we all had a good night sleep.
Photo above was at midnight – very light.

Rain started in middle of the night, and continued throughout the rest of the day…with occasional heavier showers.


Left Hólmavík Campsite after late start, due to delayed sleep pattern and morning rain.

Quick morning shopping of daily supplies, and quick pastry breakfast in supermarket carpark, before starting our journey.



Drove Road 61 (Djúpvegur) westward (north-westwards), until leaving to joining Road 635 (Snæfjallastrandarvegur) at Ísafjörður fjord, following the end of coast-hugging road to the end at Dalbær.




Retrace our route back along Road 635 (Snæfjallastrandarvegur) at Ísafjörður fjord, where we joined Road 633 (Mjóafjarðarvegur) and Road 61 (Djúpvegur) to Ísafjörður.




Visited Arctic Fox Centre at Súðavík, where we bought a replacement T-shirt for Tuva (the one we bought her on ICE2015 is now too small….)
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2 Arctic Foxes were in the cage at the back of the centre – looking a little wet in the rain…



Interesting to note that Artic Fox populations are happily increasing in Iceland.

Iceland Magazine recently published an article showing an Arctic Fox Vixen with her 7 pups, near Vík í Myrdal.
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We then drove on to Ísafjörður, camping overnight at Tungudalur Campsite (Ísafjörður), where also stayed during ICE2015.
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Very wet evening !!!



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Todays Tracking Data Map:



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  1. Joey83/OB2505
    | Reply

    Judging by the little silver hatchback in the 3rd to last photo, is a 4×4 really something people need to drive in/on Iceland?

    • Neil Smith
      | Reply

      Hei Joachim

      Good to see you are reading our blogs…
      It only just been published.

      Really raining over here right now !!!

      Some tourists hire these small cheap rental cars, to travel only on the tarmac roads.
      They are not allowed to drive the mountain F-Roads with these cars.
      So, the folks next to us are probably sticking to the tarmac roads around Iceland.

      You can see a lot of Iceland with these simple cars – no problem.
      But of course, you are limited to the tarmac roads.

      We are in Ísafjörður right now, so civilization and tarmac roads.

      Tomorrow we plan to drive one of the more challenging roads in Iceland
      For this you will need a 4X4..

      Neil 🙂

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