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ICE2017 Team members (especially Neil, Gunnar & Anja) are still individually selling many different items via, in order to raise badly needed cash towards our expedition adventure.

The frequency of sales has been slow, but steady, throughout the last 16 months, but has not raised as much cash as originally hoped for – a lot of items have been sold at very little cost to enable the sale, resulting in reduced returns.

It is hoped that sales frequency will begin to rise over the Spring-Summer period – hopefully we have something for sale that someone out there wants to buy….please take a look !!!



If you are interested to see what we have on offer for sale on, please click the links below to each of our Profiles:

Neils items for sale on

Gunnars items for sale on

Anjas items for sale on


Thanks a lot for your consideration and help.

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  1. Stephen Paul Tarran
    | Reply

    7th May 2017.
    Hi Neil,
    I’m interested in making a donation of NOK 500. This will be the simplest option for me because I am going to UK later today (for 2 weeks) and I don’t have time to go through all the items on FINN.
    Please e-mail me the bank details and I’ll transfer the cash when I get back in late May.
    Wishing you all the best with the fund raising.
    Steve Tarran

    • Neil Smith
      | Reply

      Hei Steve

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful and positive reply – very highly appreciated 🙂

      Its been a long tough year with unemployment, but we haven’t let that spoil our expedition dreams…..
      Any help is always very highly appreciated.

      Our bank account No: 3201.22.24701
      Vipps: 47288712
      Please mark the transfer “ICE2017 Donation”

      I will then add your name to our Acknowledgement Page under “Financial Donation”.
      We like to thank everyone for all their help and contributions..

      Keep an eye on our website, the blog news will increase nearer the time, and become daily whilst in Iceland.
      Its only 2 months away…

      Hope all is well with you otherwise.
      Have you left Eni Norge?
      Did you take one of the retirement packages?
      I still see Tove Kilhavn now and again in Sandnes.

      Take care mate, and once again, thanks a million for your donation.
      I will confirm receipt of the money once it has reached our account.

      Safe trip to UK 🙂

      All the best
      Neil Q Smith
      ICE2017 Expedition Coordinator
      Stronda 11
      N-4329 Sandnes

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