Continued Rumblings in Bárðarbunga

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Iceland Magazine Article: Continued rumblings in massive volcano Bárðarbunga


Three relatively strong earthquakes shook Bárðarbunga caldera in quick succession yesterday morning.

According to National Broadcasting Service RÚV, two magnitude 3.2 quakes hit at 09:49 & 09:53, 01 July 2017.

Only one minute later a magnitude 3.6 earthquake hit the caldera.

In total, five earthquakes over magnitude 2 were registered yesterday morning, according to RÚV.


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The area has experienced increased geological activity in recent weeks.

Last weekend, a magnitude 3.9 earthquake shook the caldera.

Over seventy earthquakes had been documented in the volcano the week before.



Bárðarbunga is one of the two largest and most powerful volcanoes in Iceland.

There has been constant seismic activity there, ever since the Holuhraun eruption of 2014-15.


According to Icelandic Met Office there are no signs of eruption in Bárðarbunga volcano, but
“it cannot be excluded that the current activity will result in an explosive subglacial eruption, leading to an outburst flood and ash emission”.

Bárðarbunga caldera is located under Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland’s largest ice cap.

An eruption can trigger massive floods known as “jökulhlaup” – massive glacial outburst floods, which can carry ice blocks and rocks large enough to destroy bridges and roads,

Glacial river Jökulsá á Fjöllum may be significantly affected only hours after its inception, which would make Dettifoss even more massive….



Potential Consequences

ICE2017 Team continues to keep a close eye on developments of these recent activity, as it may influence planning / execution of our adventure.

Maybe we will have the opportunity to experience an earthquake and / or a live volcanic eruption (at a safe distance…).



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