CB Radio for Expedition Vehicle 2

This week, Neil purchased locally, a used CB Radio via Finn.no for Expedition Vehicle 2.

Gunnar / Expedition Vehicle 1 already has it own CB Radio.


The model purchased is a President Electronics unit, President Grant II, which is in very good condition, in its original box, and apparently hardly used at all.



It’s a well know quality brand, with very good reputation, so we expect good service and performance from this recent equipment acquisition.


CB Radio Magazine published a very positive article about this unit (President Grant II AM/FM/SSB CB Radio Overview), and posted a very useful introduction video:



We also acquired a MAAS KM-500 Supermag magnetic mount whip antenna as part of this purchase.



We recently successfully tested the use of CB Radios / Expedition Vehicle Communication, during the Easter Holiday period.

See Blog Article: Agenda Planning & Equipment Field Testing


We hope to install, tune and test this new equipment sometime next week / soon, to prepare ready for use in Iceland.

We will post a new blog article of the installation and test in the near future.


If you have any useful advice concerning CD Radios, our forthcoming installation and tuning, use of CB Radios in Iceland, etc., please feel free to Contact Us.

We Look forward hearing from you.


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