ICE2017 YouTube Aftermovie: 500+ Views

Our ICE2017 YouTube Aftermovie, has now received over 500+ views, which is very encouraging, and highly appreciated.


It was published December 2017 (ICE2017 Aftermovie – YouTube Release) on our Circumnavigators YouTube Channel.


So far, we have received lot of very positive feedback, and encouragement, to continue to make more films of this kind into the future,


We hope that you also enjoyed watching it, and “Liked” it on YouTube, as well as shared it with your friends & family.


If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the movie – Hope you enjoy it:



ICE2017 Aftermovie – YouTube Release

Since our return from Iceland in August, we have been reviewing and editing, all data sets recorded during our adventure.

Read More: Post-Expedition Equipment Sort-Out & Clean-Up


We acquired quite a lot of video film clips, from both our GoPro cameras and various Mobile Phones.


After careful review, Gunnar has edited together some of these video clips, to create a cool 05:38 (5 minutes 38 seconds) after-movie.



This short film provides a quick “taste” of our adventures and experiences, during 6 weeks traveling around Iceland July-August 2017.

Music was generously provided by Expedition Sponsor Magnus H. Tellmann.

Read More: New Expedition Supporter – Magnus H. Tellmann


We really hope you enjoy this short film, and of course like & share it with your friends.


To all our Sponsors & Supporters – Once again, thank you for everything, for all your help and support – We really appreciate it….

Read More: Acknowledgements





Instagram Address Library Generated

Today, Neil generated an Excel Spreadsheet Table, listing Instagram#” addresses, covering key areas, locations, activities and events, we will most probably encounter during ICE2017.



This will simply act as a quick look-up reference table for ICE2017 Team, to remind us of some of the most popular “#” address,
in an attempt to not accidently forget or simply overlook the obvious, when submitting material from our campsite locations.

A good example (below), is #skogafoss – A waterfall we definitely be visiting during Day 7 of our Agenda.



Useful preparations ahead of time….


If you are interested in viewing this listing, you can find a link to them via our Inspirational Material Page,

or go directly to Instagram # Addresses sub-page.


Follow-us (ICE2017) on our Instagram Account “@circumnavigators” as we start to populate the account when we begin our journey.




New Expedition Supporter – Magnus H. Tellmann

We are pleased to announce Magnus H. Tellmann, as the latest person to become an ICE2017 Expedition Supporter.



Magnus, is a relative of Anja (on her fathers (Præsttun) side of the family), and is happy to offer his extensive music compositions for use during our GoPro video / YouTube editing & publication.

He is a young 25 year old Norwegian artist and music composer, from Bergen area, Norway.



The music he composes can best be described as “orchestral or epic music”, which is ideal for videos, feature films, computer gaming, etc..

Below are links to his SoundCloud, Bandcamp and YouTube profiles, which are all well worth a visit.


Magnus Tellmann SoundCloud Account:


Magnus Tellmann Bandcamp Account:


Magnus Tellmann YouTube Profile:


His music is also part of “The Prime Cronos


Here is a “taste” of what his music is like – Hope you like them as much as we do.
We think they are excellent, and should be used a lot more in commercial films and videos….





We will be downloading a lot of his music (MP3 files) before we leave for Iceland, so that they are readily available on our systems, during the campsite GoPro video editing process in Iceland.

See Blog Article: Sound Library Preparation



We will of course be crediting Magnus, on each video that we release, where we have used his music as part of the composition.

We hope you like our ICE2017 videos, once released.

Please subscribe to our YouTube Circumnavigators Channel, to see all our ICE2015, ICE2017 and other adventure videos.



We have added Magnus H. Tellmann to our Acknowledgements Page.

Sound Library Preparation

Over the weekend, we began to generate a “Sound Library” of short music clips, for use during our GoPro video editing and YouTube video publications whilst in Iceland.

Sound and Music are important elements, in the final production and editing of GoPro video films, ready for YouTube release.



Having a number of already listen to, and agreed upon, sound & music files, really helps when we are working on completing video editing,

especially when time frames are tight, and publication release expected quickly at the end of a long day in the field.



We are currently working on securing permission from a number of Norwegian Music Artists, to use their professional music during our ICE2017 (Circumnavigators) YouTube video releases.

More on this subject, when we have their permission…………

ICE2015 Website Still Available

The ICE2015 Website is still open and readily available, for anyone who is interested in learning more about our past Iceland Expedition and Arctic Trucks experience.

We are regularly encountering new contacts, friends, sponsors and supporters, some of which do not know about our previous experience – Referencing back to ICE2015 website is therefore extremely useful.


The ICE2015 AfterMovie below, provides a taste of what we experienced, and hope to build upon during ICE2017.



ICE2017 Newsletter No.1

Below is a Copy-Paste of our first ICE2107 email Newsletter.

We hope that you will subscribe to receive these to your own email address in the future.

Just follow the instructions of the News Blog Article “ICE2017 Newsletter Group Email Account

Enjoy 🙂


ICE2017 Newsletter (No.1)


Greetings from the ICE2017 Team !!!

This is our first Newsletter, which is distributed via Group Email, to everyone who has shown interest in receiving occasional news bulletins on our progress.

We hope you enjoy receiving these, and that you will continue to Subscribe.

However, if you don’t wish to continue to receive these ICE2017 Newsletters, jut let us know and we will remove you from the distribution list. Thanks.


Progress So Far….

Over the last 2 months (February – March 2016), we have been quite busy setting-up the new website, for our next expedition to Iceland (

The old website is still alive and freely accessible, so please go in and take another look whenever you have some free time, to enjoy all the material we have shared there – lots of photos, maps, videos, Info, links, etc.

We have published 18 New Blog Articles, which can be opened directly via the links below, or accessed via the “Full Blog History” Page on the website – Please take a look at them sometime:

Yeti Cycles Cool Video

Social Links Generated

ICE2017 Newsletter Group Email Account

Continuous Expedition Supporter – GoPro

Continuous Exploration Sponsor – Safilo Group (Polaroid) / Smith Optics

Iceland Academy – Spring Term Studies

First Expedition Sponsor – Game-On AS

ICE2015 Photo Used in Recent LinkedIn Article

ICE2017 Facebook Page Launched

New Expedition Quadcopter Test Flight

Cash Generation Begins on

Expedition Vehicle 2 Maintenance

Expedition Vehicle 3 Onboard

Expedition Sponsorship Quest Begins

ICE2015 Post-Expedition YouTube Video

Ketil Joins ICE2017 Team

ICE2017 Website Launched

ICE2017 Expedition Planning Begins


Sponsorship Generation

We have been busy trying to raise Sponsorship and Support, but have not received that many positive replies so far. It’s quite a different set of economics we are facing, compared with 2 years ago, when we conducted the same search for sponsors. Today, it seems that most companies are much more reluctant to get involved in any form of sponsorship or support, probably as a direct result of the overall need to reduce spending by most companies in todays harder economic climate. However, we have not lost faith, and we will keep trying, as that’s the only route that will take us there in the end. We have re-gained 2 of our previous Sponsors from ICE2015, namely Game-On and Smith Optics, as well as further Support from GoPro – for which we are extremely grateful. We have a lot more requests for Sponsorship and Support still out there right now under consideration, and we hope that some will respond in the positive. We will of course keep you updated with any further developments – New Sponsors and Supporters are always announced with new Blog Articles, as well as thanked on our Acknowledgment Page and Sponsors / Supporters Logo Slider.


ICE2017 Website

Neil is currently laid-off 100% from Proactima, and is home unemployed. He is therefore using some of his newly acquired “free time” to maintain and develop the ICE2017 website. If you have any useful or interesting material you wish to share with us that could be expressed on our website, please contact us.


Wish List

Once again, we have a “Wish List” Page, which we hope someone out there will be help us with – donations / sponsorship / etc.
Please take a look, and let us know if you can help us out in any way – Thanks a lot in advance.


New Expedition Quadcopter

We have a new and much better Expedition Quadcopter Drone under construction and testing. It’s much more powerful and has a lot more cool functionality than the 2 Quadcopters previously used on ICE2015. We will be working on this project throughout the forthcoming period. A new topic page covering the Expedition Quadcopter Drone will be published under the “Projects” Page in the near future. Gunnar will remain the key player in this project, as Quadcopter builder and pilot. However, Dina has also expressed great interest in also becoming a pilot and has already started to learn on a small scale model, to develop her piloting skills.


New Team Member

Ketil Ryssdal Thorsen has joined the ICE2017 Team. Ketil was a keen follower and contributor to ICE2015, and is happy to be part of the next expedition. Ketil will be upgrading his Land Rover Discovery in the near future, to make the vehicle “Expedition Ready”. Its great to have him on-board.


Feedback Welcome

We would like to receive practical feedback from this Newsletter – Its nice to know what you think and how we can improve for the future. We look forward to your replies and input – Thanks a lot in advance.


Newsletter Subscription

If you know of anyone who would also like to be added to our distribution list, please let us know. The more folk that follow us, the more possibility for us to achieve our goal, and secure Sponsorship and Support – Thanks a lot in advance for all your help and kind contributions.


Happy Easter – God Påske

ICE2017 Team

Social Links Generated

We have now started to set-up Social Links for our website.

You will find the following 4 links now functional, located within the middle area of lower grey section at the base of our Home Page:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • GooglePlus
  • YouTube

We hope you find these useful.

Social Links

ICE2017 Newsletter Group Email Account

We have now set-up an ICE2017 Newsletter Group Email Account, from which to send out regular (bi-weekly / monthly) newsletter updates of our activities.


This ICE2017 Newsletter is designed to prompt you, to take another fresh look at our Website / Facebook Page, and review the latest content and additional new material.




To Subscribe:

If you wish to subscribe to this ICE2017 Newsletter, its very easy…….

Simply send an email to:

You will then receive a reply from Google, asking you to confirm your interest to join the group “news“.

You can either Click the “Join This Group” button,
or (Preferably), just reply to the email, which will automatically add your email address to the Subscribers Mailing List.

If you do Click the “Join This Group” button, Google will then ask you to enter your Gmail Account address.
(so if you don’t have a Gmail Account, following the “reply to email” advice above).




To Unsubscribe:

Should you wish to Unsubscribe later, simply activate the “Unsubscribe” link on the latest ICE2017 Newsletter, and your email address will be removed from the ICE2017 Newsletter Group Email Account.



We hope that you will enjoy receiving our regular updates, and that you will continue to follow our progress – from initial Planning Stage, through to final Expedition execution, and Post-Expedition releases.


We Thank You for taking an active interest, and being part of our expedition………
its great to have you on-board.


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