Expedition Sponsorship Quest Begins

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Today, we began our quest to raise Sponsorship for our Expedition.


In order to gain sufficient sponsorship options, we have decided to start as early as possible, in the hope that we can gain sufficient sponsorship options over the next 1.5 years, before our Expedition returns to Iceland.

All Sponsors and Supporters of our previous ICE2015 Expedition (Acknowledgments), were well represented and publicised, and wherever possible, we positively marketed their Products & Services to all interested parties.


If you would like to consider being an expedition sponsor, please take a look at our Sponsorship & Donations page,
and consider our Sponsorship Options and Wish List.


Of course, we acknowledge all help received, via our Acknowledgements page, as well as inform our website visitors with a blog news announcement of all sponsorship options received, and display the company logo of all sponsors and supporters on both our website slideshow and as logo stickers on our Expedition Vehicles.


We hope that you can also help us in some small way.


We look forward hearing from you, and making you part of our Expedition dreams.


Thank You in advance for your consideration and generous support.

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