Anja Photo Wins Facebook Group Photo Of Week Placement

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Anja’s recent photo of Hvítserkur from Day 25: Hvammstangi – Vatnsnes – Hvítserkur – Hvammstangi has won the “Photo of the Week” placement on Fotografene på facebook Facebook Page.



It was really great to see one of her ICE2017 photos take this weekly award position.

The award is that the photo is used as the header photo for their Facebook Page for a week.



Anja is the Principal Photographer for ICE2017, and is gaining a very positive reputation as a high quality photographer.



Sound Library Generated

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We have now downloaded many MP3 music / sound files, in preparation for use during our GoPro video editing and production in Iceland.


Having a music / sound library prepared ready, really helps us reduce time and stress, especially when conducting campsite video editing – which isn’t quite ideal conditions.


Having listened to these files before downloading, we also have a good idea where we can utilize each piece, with appropriate video footage,

(e.g. action video with fast action music, quiet landscapes with more calm / serene music, etc.)


If you are a music / sound artist, and would like to offer us “Royalty Free” use of your work, please feel free to Contact Us.

As long as it’s gratis to use, and fits our video style, we will consider using it as part of our adventure video production.

And we will of course credit your music in the video details / information.



We hope you will watch our released videos via our YouTube Circumnavigators Channel.

Click the YouTube link button at the bottom of our Home Page (see below), to direct you to our YouTube Circumnavigators Channel.



Pease Subscribe to our YouTube Circumnavigators Channel, so that you don’t miss anything, and take a few minutes to see what we have already produced and released there

(there are videos from our previous ICE2015 Iceland adventure, plus more recent Dreki Adventures Iceland Adventures, and other interesting events).


We look forward to your feedback as we publish and release our ICE2017 videos.


Thanks for watching.


Read More: 

Sound Library Preparation

New Expedition Supporter – Magnus H. Tellmann

ICE2017 Sponsor Passion4Feed Website Photos

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It’s really nice to see photos of our (Neil & Anja) 2 dogs being proactively used by one of our ICE2017 Sponsors for their website.

Passion4Feed are using two of Anja‘s photos of Mishka & Nicky, for their Home Page, Distribution & Pet Supplies Page & Contact Page backgrounds (Screenshots below).

We think this is really great, and we thank Passion4Feed, and especially Milka Kosanovic Tesla (Owner & Manager – Passion4Feed) for all their help and positive support.





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New Expedition Sponsor – Passion4Feed AS

New Expedition Sponsor – Robowsky Scandinavia

ICE2017 Sponsor Presents Marketing Image of Mishka

Instagram Address Library Generated

Today, Neil generated an Excel Spreadsheet Table, listing Instagram#” addresses, covering key areas, locations, activities and events, we will most probably encounter during ICE2017.



This will simply act as a quick look-up reference table for ICE2017 Team, to remind us of some of the most popular “#” address,
in an attempt to not accidently forget or simply overlook the obvious, when submitting material from our campsite locations.

A good example (below), is #skogafoss – A waterfall we definitely be visiting during Day 7 of our Agenda.



Useful preparations ahead of time….


If you are interested in viewing this listing, you can find a link to them via our Inspirational Material Page,

or go directly to Instagram # Addresses sub-page.


Follow-us (ICE2017) on our Instagram Account “@circumnavigators” as we start to populate the account when we begin our journey.




New Equipment: GoPro Hero 5 Black

ICE2017 Team has upgraded its GoPro equipment set, with a new GoPro HERO5 Black.



GoPro HERO5 Black is the most powerful and easy to use GoPro ever, thanks to its 4K video, voice control, one-button simplicity, touch display and waterproof design.


This fantastic new additional equipment will add to our pool of GoPro cameras and equipment.


We really look forward to using this new “toy”…..

Hopefully, we will have a lot of high quality videos to share with you from our Iceland experiences.





Inspirational Iceland Video

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We would like to share with you this inspiration short film: “A Journey Through Iceland” by Sander Eriksen.


It has stimulated some new and interesting ideas, as well as a proposed different perspectives on how to film our journey this summer.


Hope you like it.


Anja – Expedition Photographer

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During ICE2015, Anja was expedition principal photographer, although rest of ICE2015 team also took plenty of photos as well.



A lot of her photos have since been used on both ICE2015 and ICE2017 (this) websites.



Throughout 2016 & 2017, Anja has significantly increased her photographic skills, experience and equipment, become an active Board Member of Stavanger Photo Club,
as well as started to take on commission projects, to hopefully develop a Start-Up Photography Business into the future.

Below is a recent Theme Photo “Sound” in which Anja won Second Place in February 2017 Stavanger Photo Club competition. (Tuva blasting Dina with sound).



If you would like to hire / commission Anja on photographic projects, please feel free to Contact Us.
The more project experience she gains, the better.

All money generated is reinvested into better / new / additional equipment, to help her build her business model and portfolio.



We are still short of a number of items to complete our photographic kit (see Wish List).

So, if you have any photographic equipment that you could donate / offer “very cheaply” (especially Nikon Bodies / Lenses), we would really love to hear from you.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Inspirational Cool Video from Iceland

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Just come across this new and truly inspirational cool video from Iceland.

Hope we can achieve similar results in the future – but we really need to work a lot more on our photographic techniques and image editing skills…..

Something to aim for.

Hope you like it – enjoy !


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