Job Loss for Neil

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Today, Neil was officially informed that his job with Proactima has been terminated, with 3 months effective notice.


This comes after 13 months lay-off period (12 months + holidays), during which Neil has been hoping that contractual work would return, and his employment be resumed.

Unfortunately, the Oil & Gas business in Norway (as with the rest of the world) has not recovered sufficiently, with new contracts and jobs not being recreated as fast as everyone hoped.

Neil received the standard 3 months notification, after which, he will no longer be part of the company.


This is a sad day.


Hopefully, this will not significantly affect our ICE2017 plans, although the budget may well have to be revised / downsized in order to save costs,
now that Neil will have a significantly reduced income (only unemployment Social Security).


Neil is currently seeking new job / career opportunities OR Start-Up Business Ideas / Partners in the Sandnes / Stavanger region, Norway,
and hopes that he will return back to full time employment in the near future.



If you know of anyone, or you are someone, that could potentially use / employ Neil in their company / team, either as a contractor or full-time employee,
or has a good business Idea / proposal, please feel free to contact him.

Neil’s LinkedIn Profile:

Thanks a lot in advance for all your help.

ONS Provides Excellent Networking Opportunity

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The ONS (Offshore North Sea) O&G (Oil & Gas) conference at Stavanger Forum (29 August – 01 September, 2016) provided a great opportunity for Neil to not only review the latest news, gadgets and information on the Oil & Gas Industry here in Norway, but to also mingle and network with both delegates and exhibitors.




A lot of new and interesting ideas were observed and discussed, some of which may prove useful towards ICE2017
– from equipment details, to sponsorship options.

It is hoped that some positive spin will result from attending this event
– more news later, once anything develops….


Thank You to all exhibitors that considered our ICE2017 Sponsorship Request
– We look forward to the possibility of working with you in the future.


Still Laid-Off & Still Remaining Optimistic

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Its been almost 9 months now, since Neil was laid-off as a result of the downturn in the Oil & Gas Industry, resulting from depressed World Oil Price.

However, this period has been very useful and informative in so many different ways.

Neil wrote the LinkedIn Article “Laid-Off but Remaining Optimistic – “Who Moved My Cheese?“” to share his thoughts towards future options (see Blog Article: “ICE2015 Photo Used in Recent LinkedIn Article“), from which he has received a lot of positive feedback and comments.

The main lesson learned is to remain positive and optimistic, despite all the pitfalls, disappointments and hardships unemployment brings along with it.


LinkedIn Article


We continue to use the “Law of Attraction” principles to promote and share our dreams and wishes.

It really does work – the more folk you invite to share in your dream, the more they strive to help you in some small way or another to help you achieve your dream. Its magic….

I have to thank Bob Doyle for his continuous positive and encouraging articles, which help keep our spirits high, and our dreams focused.




We still have a long way to go before we set off for Iceland in Summer 2017.

If you would like to help us achieve our goals and dream, please fee free to Contact Us.

We are open to Sponsorship suggestions, and we have a Wish List of items we seek to acquire.

We also appreciate those who public Support us, by also displaying their logos and details.

Everyone that helps us is of course thanked on our Acknowledgments pages


We look forward hearing from you, and making you part of our story…

Seeking New Employment

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After 7 months of been laid-off from work, Neil is now more than keen to get back to work, and as such is seeking a new job ASAP.


For me (Neil), it has been useful having a period where I could catch-up with all those jobs I meant to have done, but never had time to do them – but once those are completed, the positive side of lay-off runs out, and the realities of unemployment, lack of cash, and lack of meaningful employment starts to kick-in.


If any of our website / blog followers knows of any job opening or opportunities within the Sandnes / Stavanger (Norway) area, that Neil may fit the profile, please feel free to Contact US via this website, or via Neils LinkedIn Profile.


Funding of ICE2015 was totally out of our own private pockets, and as such were are fully aware of the cost implications of continuing our adventure next year with ICE2017.

Without a job and employment, funding such an expensive expedition will be much harder.

We are still hoping for company sponsorships for ICE2017, but in the current tight economic climate, we are not banking on anything.

Therefore, we are trying to raise cash by alternate methods (such as via, garage sales, etc.), in order to ensure that the expedition goes ahead as planned, regardless of (un)employment status – we have a goal, which we intend to achieve.


Please help us achieve this goal if you can – Thanks a lot in advance.