Holiday BBQ & Road Trip: Dreki Adventures & ICE2017

Today is Ascension Day (Kristi himmelfartsdag), which is a Norway Public / National Holiday.

So, ICE2017 Team (Neil, Tuva & Gunnar) decided to meet up with Dreki Adventures (Mike Herbert and his family) for a road trip drive and BBQ.




We all met up at Ålgård, to begin our road trip. Then drove towards Sirdal (Vest-Agder), to assess options, via Gloppedalsura, stopping at Byrkjedalstunet along the way.




Once in Sirdal area, we assessed the weather and options, and decided to drive on to Suleskard, via Hunnedalen.




Mike decided to have a little fun, scaling a vertical snow wall with his 6X6…




We then stopped along Suleskarvegen, to have a quick (tail-gate) BBQ, which was very nice, considering the weather.




We then visited Mike’s friends new hytte, before dropping in at Neil’s hytte to collect some addition equipment for Iceland trip.




Tuva spent time learning how to use the new GoPro Hero5 Black.

(see blog article: New Equipment: GoPro Hero 5 Black)

She hopes to be able to film a lot of interesting videos during our Iceland trip, so she is learning how to operate this new GoPro camera before we depart.


Once we have processed and edited the data from the 2 GoPro cameras used today, we will publish a short video about todays trip.


Below is a screen shot, showing tracking data of todays trip.



Although the weather was less than perfect, we had a good day and road trip – everyone enjoyed themselves.


Happy May (International Workers) Day

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ICE2017 Team would like to wish everyone a very Happy May Day / International Workers Day / Labour Day.

May Day (Første mai) is a Public Holiday in Norway.



Today also marks the first day of full-time unemployment for Neil.

His employement contract with Proactima ended yesterday (30 April 2017), after 1 year lay-off awaiting return to work (which never came).

Neil is now proactively seeking employment in the Sandnes / Stavanger area, and would like to hear of any job opportunities out there……..


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