Day 42: North Sea (Northbound) – Stavanger

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Day 42: Sunday 13 August 2017


Good night sleep, but unfortunate early wake-up call at 05:45.

Weather at start of day was cool and overcast, but no rain.


Arrived Tananger Ferry Terminal, Stavanger, Norway at 06:30 AM, on schedule, which meant a very early rise and start to the day.

The overnight crossing was smooth, and we all slept well.



Once we had departed the ferry and passed thought Norwegian Customs, we drove straight home, where we unpacked the 2 Arctic Trucks of all the expedition boxes and gear.

We then spent the remainder of the day, unpacking, sorting, cleaning, washing, drying and generally getting as much achieved as possible.



It been a truly fantastic adventure, and we still have a lot of images, videos and blog articles to deliver – so don’t go away !!!


Similar situation to what we experienced during ICE2015.

See ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 30: North Sea (Southeast Bound) – Hirtshals

Day 41: North Sea (Southbound) – Hirtshals (Denmark) – North Sea (Northbound)

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Day 41: Saturday 12 August 2017


Weather at start of day, and for most of rest of day, was clear blue skies, cool slight wind, occasionally overcast.

Sea conditions became much more calm, reducing roll of the boat to almost nothing.


After another good nights sleep and relaxation on the ferry, we packed our belonging and arrived at Hirtshals Ferry Terminal around midday – on schedule.



Once again, the car stacking system was extremely tight, making it difficult for most folks to get into their cars.



Once we landed in Denmark, we visited the North Sea Oceanarium (Nordsøen Oceanarium) for a couple of hours, where we experienced the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe.


Some of the “fish tanks” were simply enormous, and quite fascinating to just sit and watch, as the many fish types inside made their way around the tanks.
We even experienced a live show with a diver / guide in the main large tank – interesting.



We also had the pleasure to experience the feeding of the Seals outside, which was quite fun.
Some of them performing minor tricks (flipper waving, flipper splashing, nose high-fives, etc.), to gain the attendants attention and gain more food.



We then returned to the same ferry terminal we had left just a few hours before, to join the overnight Fjordline Ferry to Stavanger.



Dina even found the time to do a little nail polish, before boarding…



This time, we were parked along with the larger lorries and trucks, so we had a lot more space to move around between vehicles.



Once on board, we did the usual Duty Free Shopping, before eating dinner and relaxing to the cabin.

The sea conditions were very calm, with “flat sea” all the way.

This was our last night away on holiday, as tomorrow morning we return home to Norway.


Similar situation to what we experienced during ICE2015.

See ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 30: North Sea (Southeast Bound) – Hirtshals

Day 40: North Atlantic Ocean – Tórshavn (Faroe Islands) – North Sea (Southbound)

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Day 40: Friday 11 August 2017


Reasonably good night sleep for all.

Weather all day was overcast, low cloud, cool, windy and occasional light rain.


We all really benefitted from a nice, long, relaxing and trouble-free night, sleeping in comfortable cabin beds.
It’s probably what we all needed after such a long period of camping, sleep deprivation, injuries, and 5-6 weeks on the move, etc.


In the middle of night (ca.03:00 AM) the ferry called into Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, to drop-off / pick-up passengers.
Fortunately, this only slightly disrupted our sleep, due to our cabin NOT being located directly above the upper car deck (as was the case during ICE2015).


Sea conditions throughout the day were reasonably calm for the North Atlantic, with only the minimum swells and rolls, totally within expectation of a ferry boat of such size on these Oceanic currents.
However, this did once again affect both Gunnar and Dina, making them stay in the cabin most of the day, to prevent sea sickness.



Before evening dinner, Neil and Tuva went to the ferry cinema, to seen the new film “Despicable Me 3” which we really enjoyed.


After evening dinner, we all returned to the cabin for relaxing evening and another early nights sleep.


Altogether, a similar experience to what we experienced during ICE2015.

See ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 29: North Atlantic – North Sea (Southeast Bound)

Day 39: Egilsstaðir – Seyðisfjörður – North Atlantic Ocean (on route to Faroe Islands)

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Day 39: Thursday 10 August 2017


Good night sleep in hotel bed, but very early rise…

Weather at start of day was cool and overcast, with occasional drizzle in low cloud areas.


Early breakfast in Hotel Restaurant before leaving Hotel Edda Egilsstaðir.



Drove Road 93 (Seyðisfjarðarvegur) east to Seyðisfjörður (Visit Seyðisfjörður Website).

Lots of traffic, all heading towards to the Ferry Terminal – either to board the ferry, or meet someone arriving with the ferry.



The traffic queue around the Seyðisfjörður Ferry Terminal, was bordering on serious chaos and gridlock.

Hundreds of vehicles in the small town, all trying to either get out of town (new arrivals) or get to the ferry terminal check-in gates.

Quite stressful once the time got nearer and nearer scheduled departure time……


What really didn’t help, was the fact that there was another 2 cruise ships in the small harbour area at the same time – with lots of passengers disembarking to join coach trips into Iceland mainland.

This just added additional chaos and gridlock to the already over-stretched town road system.



We eventually boarded the Smyril Line ferry (M/S Norröna) and once again experienced the very tight squeeze parking arrangement, similar to what we experienced during ICE2015.
See ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 28: Seyðisfjörður – North Atlantic (Southeast Bound)



Once on-board, we visited our cabin, and prepared ourselves for 2 full days at sea.


Went for walk around upper decks and made ourselves once again acquainted with the layout and services on offer.

Nice to stay outside on deck, watching our departure from Seyðisfjörður and Iceland.



Later in the evening, we all went to the cinema to see “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales / Salazar’s Revenge” – which was great fun.



Sea conditions were Slight-Moderate waves, with some gentle rocking of the boat, which unfortunately affected both Gunnar and Dina.

Due to everyone being so tired, we all had an early night, to help our recovery process.


Tracking Data for today:

Day 4: Seyðisfjörður – Egilsstaðir – Höfn

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Day 04: Thursday 06 July 2017


Day began with an early rise (after a good night on the sea), as we had to vacate our cabin an hour before Smyril Line Ferry Norröna arrived in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

The ferry arrived half hour ahead of schedule, at 09:00, and unloading went reasonably quickly and efficiently.


The weather on arrival was low cloud, with drizzle / rain – typical Seyðisfjörður arrival conditions…


Getting back into the cars was of course a real nightmare, even for us, and a lot worse for some folks, with virtually no room at all to open the car doors to get inside – extremely tight squeeze.



The Customs clearance at Seyðisfjörður Ferry Terminal was fast and efficient – no stops or cheks.




Once ashore, we stopped at the first car park, and installed the roof antennae system for Exploration Vehicle 1, so that we could begin use of our tracking system.



We then drove Road 93 (Seyðisfjarðarvegur) from Seyðisfjörður to Egilsstaðir, where we stopped for lunch, before shopping a Bonus, where we met an Arctic Trucks 6X6, who kindly sent us a message later via our Facebook Page – Thank you !!!



This day was similar routine to what we encountered last time on ICE2015 (ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 7: Seyðisfjörður – Mount Askja (Dreki)) when we arrived in Iceland,
and in reverse order of driving direction (ICE2015 Bog Articles: Day 25: Höfn – Reyðarfjörður & Day 26: Reyðarfjörður – Egilsstaðir)


We then took Road 1 south / west (clockwise), before joining Road 939 (Axarvegur) as a short-cut to Berufjörður, before returning back to Road 1 with Búlandstindur mountain on our right side and Berufjörður fjord on our left side.



The weather was poor the whole day, with visibility dropping at times to just a few meters – low dense cloud and rain.



We then continued along Road 1 south / west (clockwise) to Höfn, having Hamarsfjörður and Álftafjörður open sea (Atlantic Ocean) on our left side most of the time.

Dina was so tired she slept most of this trip…



We made a short break stop along the way, where we saw a very nice dyke injection structure.



However, the weather never really improved throughout our journey…



We arrived at Höfn (or Höfn í Hornafirði) in the late afternoon / evening, where we stayed at the Höfn campsite overnight.



Once we arrived a the campsite, we fitted the Front Runner Roof Rack System, loaded the spare wheel onto it, fitted roof bars and antenna for CB (Citizen Band) and WiFi systems, as well as redistributed the weight and equipment for both Expedition Vehicles.



We then drove into Höfn town, to eat an excellent dinner at Pakkhús Veitingar Restaurant.

Spent the evening catching up with 3 days of blog article publications, which were held up due to multiple reasons the last 3 days….


Todays tracking data map:


Day 3: North Sea (Northbound) – Tórshavn (Faroe Islands) – North Atlantic Ocean (on route to Iceland)

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Day 03: Wednesday 05 July 2017


Reasonable night for all, despite ferry slight rocking & creaking as we sailed further north into the North Sea.

Everyone slept in, so we had a late start to the day.


Spent morning in swimming pool & sauna.
With the waves outside, the water inside the swimming pool was once again offering a “natural wave machine” effect, which was great fun.


Rest of the afternoon was spent either chilling out, updating ICE2017 website / blog, preparation reading, or taking a tour of the ship to see what other facilities it had to offer.


Weather & sea conditions remain relatively clam & good.


Just before dinner, the ferry stopped at Tórshavn (Faroe Islands), to drop-off / pick-up passengers.

The weather was nice, so we went outside, to view the harbour – which is very nice.



After dinner, we rented one of the 3 outside Hot Tubs on the upper rear deck of the ferry.



It was great sitting in a hot tub, outside, on the rear upper deck, looking out to sea and watching the Faroe Islands slip away to the horizon…

Great experience.



Similar day to what we experienced during ICE2015.

See ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 3: North Sea – Tórshavn (Faroe Islands) – Gamlarætt Ferry Terminal (Streymoy)

Day 2: North Sea (Southbound) – Hirtshals (Denmark) – North Sea (Northbound – on route to Faroe Islands)

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Day 2: Tuesday 04 July 2017


Happy Independence Day to all our American readers / followers !!!!


Day 2 began with an early wake-up call on the Fjordline Ferry.


Arrived Hirtshals Ferry Terminal at 07:30, on scheduled arrival time, despite our 1 hour delay in departure from Stavanger yesterday.

The North Sea (Southbound) crossing was relatively calm, and we had a reasonable night sleep on the ferry.


Once we departed the Fjordline ferry, we drove into Hirtshals and found a fuel station cafe for breakfast, before turned the cars around to join the queue for the Smyril Line Ferry, which leaves from the same Ferry Terminal as we just depart the Fjordline Ferry.


Here, we spent a few hours queueing and waiting.



The weather was excellent, sunny and calm, so we could enjoy a walk around our exploration vehicles and check out the other vehicles going to Iceland, and talk with their owners.


We then boarded the Smyril Line Ferry M/S Norröna.


The packing of the cars in this ferry is the tightest we have ever witnessed on any other ferry, with virtually no room to exit the vehicles or depart the car decks – Very tight squeeze…

Same situation as experienced on ICE2015 – See ICE2015 Blog Articles:

Day 2: Hirtshals – North Sea (on route to Faroe Islands)
Day 3: North Sea – Tórshavn (Faroe Islands) – Gamlarætt Ferry Terminal (Streymoy)



Once we moved into our cabin, we went to the front of the boat to film the departure from Hirtshals Harbour, in the glorious sunshine.



We then went to the swimming pool, where we experienced “natural wave effects” as the boat moved through the North Sea waves, with the pool water literally climbing & falling ca.half metre, which was great fun.

We then used the sauna to relax and chill-out.



Took a walk around the decks, to get acquainted with the ships layout and walked around the outer deck to get some fresh air, as well as relaxed in the cabin.


After dinner, we went to the cinema, to see Gardians of the Galaxy 2, which we all really enjoyed.



Sea conditions have been relatively calm all day, so a good sailing so far….


Overall it was a day full of events, so we were quite tired by the end.

Day 1: Stavanger – North Sea (Southbound)

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Day 1: Monday 03 July 2017


Finally, we are on our way….

Our epic journey began today at Fjordline Terminal in Tananger, Stavanger, Norway.




We boarded Fjordline ferry MS Stavangerefjord, and left Port of Tananger (Risavika Havn) ca.21:00, 1 hour behind scheduled departure time.






The sea conditions was very calm, although the weather overall was grey and overcast, with drizzle / light rain showers


Due to the late / delayed departure, we didn’t have too much time to do much more than a quick walk around the upper decks, conduct some quick Duty Free shopping, and grab a quick bite to eat before going to bed – everyone was tired after a hectic last week of packing and final preparations.


We noticed our Arctic Trucks created a lot of attention – Same situation as experienced on ICE2015
(See ICE2015 Blog Article: Day 1: Stavanger – Hirtshals)

Norway-Denmark Ferry Booked

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Today we booked the final travel stage of our journey from Norway to Iceland (and return).

We will travel with the Expedition Vehicles from Stavanger to Hirshals, Denmark (and return) via Fjordline.


Outward Journey

We will depart from Stavanger (Tananger Ferry Terminal) on evening of Monday 03 July, and arrive at Hirtshals, Denmark morning of Tuesday 04 July,
where we will join the Smyril Line ferry to Iceland via the Faroe Islands.

The Ferry scheduled for this journey is MS Stavangerfjord.


Return Journey

We will depart from Hirtshals, Denmark on the evening of Saturday 12 August, following our Smyril Line ferry return direct from Iceland,
arriving back in Stavanger early morning Sunday 13 August 2017, thus completing our Expedition trip.

The Ferry scheduled for this journey is MS Bergensfjord.


Denmark – Iceland Ferry Booking & Payment Completion

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Today, we completed our booking and payment for the Smyril Line Denmark-Faroes-Iceland Ferry MS Norrøna, which forms the most critical part of our travel schedule.



Outward Journey

We depart from Hirtshals, Denmark on morning Tuesday 04 July, with a half hour stop at Tórshavn, Faroe Islands on evening of Wednesday 05 July, where the ferry will pick-up / drop-off passengers to / from the Faroe Islands. We will then continue on our journey to Iceland, arriving at Seyðisfjörður, Iceland on morning of Thursday 06 July.


Iceland Exploration

We will then have ca.5 weeks (spanning Weeks 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 & 32) to explore Iceland (06 July – 10 August).


Return Journey

The return ferry begins its journey from Seyðisfjörður, Iceland to Hirtshals, Denmark on morning of Thursday 10 August, with a half hour stop at Tórshavn, Faroe Islands in the very early hours of Friday 11 July, where the ferry will pick-up / drop-off passengers to / from the Faroe Islands. We will then continue on our journey to Hirtshals, Denmark arriving midday Saturday 12 August.


Timing Logic

The overall plan was to conduct the Expedition during the Summer Months of 2017, due to a number of highly practical reasons, including:

  • Free Access to Iceland Interior Mountain Roads (some of which are only open few month of the year)
  • School Summer Holidays
  • Smyril Line Car Ferry operations window from Denmark to Iceland (Via Faeroe Islands)
  • Summer Weather Conditions / Very Long Daylight Conditions


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