Expedition Vehicle 1 “SOLD”

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During Christmas Week (2017), Gunnar received an offer to buy his Expedition Vehicle 1, which was out for sale on Finn.no – Which he accepted.

Read More: FOR Sale: Expedition Vehicle 1



This sale, forms the closure of a great / fun period of exploration trips with this vehicle, from its initial purchase (Arctic Trucks 1 Acquired) in preparation for IC2015, though many interesting trips around Norway (Holiday BBQ & Road Trip: Dreki Adventures & ICE2017) and of course ICE2017.



At the moment, there are no plans to replace this, with a new expedition vehicle.


We will all miss Expedition Vehicle 1……….

It’s been part of our history the last few years.


FOR SALE : Expedition Vehicle 1

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Following our return from Iceland in August, Gunnar has been busy repairing, fixing and cleaning Expedition Vehicle 1, ready for sale.


Today, Gunnar published a sales advert on Finn.no, to begin the sales process.

FINN-kode: 100596790 (https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=100596790)




Expedition Vehicle 1 was the first Arctic Trucks car owned by Neil and Gunnar, who bought equal shares in October 2014.

Read More: ICE2015 Blog Article: Arctic Trucks 1 Acquired


It will be quite sad to see the “old faithful” Expedition Vehicle 1 disappear.

It’s certainly explored a lot of Iceland in its time…

and provided some fantastic memorable moments and experiences !!!


We hope that a genuine Arctic Trucks enthusiast will take it on, and continues to use it as designed – as an “expedition vehicle”.


Please contact Gunnar directly, via the Finn.no advert link above, if you are interested in buying.



Day 15: Hafnarfjörður – Ishestar Tour – Reykjavík – Hafnarfjörður

Day 15: Monday 17 July 2017


Good nights sleep.

Rain overnight, but weather at start of day changed for the better, remaining cool, overcast, but dry for rest of the day.



Spent the morning taking Horse Riding Tour with Íshestar

We chose to take the morning “Lava Tour“, in Hafnarfjörður area, which lasted ca.3 hours.



The Íshestar Riding Centre is set in beautiful surroundings, just outside Hafnarfjörður, about 10 minutes drive from our campsite.



The tour took us through woodland areas, as well as out into the open lava fields.


Dina’s horse decided to try and return back to the stable, against the riders will, which provided her a challenge.
Her horse then later, tried to kick Neil’s horse, which provided additional excitement.

Both Tuva and Dina wore GoPro Chest Harnesses, to capture videos of the trip.
Once we have downloaded, edited and finalised these files, we will release a combined YouTube film – coming soon………



At the end of the tour, we received some Íshestar promotional sticker, which we have already mounted onto our Exploration Vehicles.

This qualifies Íshestar as a ICE2017 Supporter, and we have added their logo and links to the Supporters Slider on our Home Page (lower right corner).


Gunnar then drove into Reykjavík in afternoon, to visit Toyota Workshop.
Exploration Vehicle 1 is exhibiting some potential technical issues (strange noises…)
Toyota could not review the car and diagnose the problem there and then (fully booked workshop), therefore Gunnar had to return back to the workshop in the late afternoon, so that they could take a closer look and offer advice / replacement parts. Unfortunately, Toyota still were too busy to work on the car, therefore Gunnar bought the parts.


What Happened (Expedition Vehicle 1):

The Universal Joint on the Drive Axel was suddenly giving noises and exhibited free-play, and probably needs to be replaced to be safe, if we were to continue our driving into the highlands.
At the same time, the Turbo Actuator arm suddenly failed.
Bad timing, or what….

Gunnar purchased the parts needed to complete the repairs, and with the wonderful help of the local Scout Group and Rescue Team, we worked into the evening to fix (Icelandic: “Shit Mix”) the turbo.
See photos below…



Óskar providing fatherly control……….



We would really like to thank EyÞór Orri  Óskarsson and Sölvi Ólafsson (and the CampsiteTeam (Sindri, Laufey Matthildur, Helga Lára & Ragna) at Lava Hostel (Skátafélagið HraunbúarHafnarfjörður Campsite) for their generous support and help, and for facilitating the emergency repair fix – without you guys, we would have been in trouble…

and not forgetting Óskar Sigurðsson for providing expert advice, the right tools and of course fatherly control …..(sorry EyÞór).


Interesting and very full day !!!


Continued to camp at Hafnarfjörður Campsite

New Tires for Expedition Vehicle 1

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Gunnar has put new tires Expedition Vehicle 1.



These tires are Cooper Discoverer SST Pro 35 inch (35X12.50 R15LT) – Great for 4×4 driving / rough road conditions.



The old tires were quite worn down, so the decision was made to replace them with new ones, prior to our Iceland trip.

Hopefully, they will prove themselves during our forthcoming adventures….and they also make the car look cool !!!


Overland Bound Membership

Yesterday, Neil subscribed to become a life-long member of Overland Bound.


His Overland Bound Membership Number is: 6113



Overland Bound are a Supporter of ICE2017, and have already generously supported us with logo stickers, badges, promotional material, etc.

Read More:

New Expedition Supporter – Overland Bound

Overland Bound Promotional Material Arrives

Additional Stickers from Overland Bound


We have also used a number of their instructional YouTube videos, as part of our Blog Articles.

Read More:

Preparation for Wilderness Tire Repair

New Expedition Supporter – Overland Bound



We certainly feel that this is a club / organization that truly fits our lifestyle, and offers a forum for sharing information with like-minded Overlanders and Explorers.

We look forward to meeting with other Overland Bound Members in Iceland during our trip, and later back home in Norway and Europe thereafter.

Feel free to contact us via the Overland Bound Forum, if you wish to meet up.



Thanks goes to Megin and Corrie Murguia (Overland Bound) for all their positive help and support – see Acknowledgements Page.

More Tasks Completed

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Today, Gunnar continued to work on Expedition Vehicle 1, reducing number of tasks remaining on “To Do” list.



One main tasks achieved today, was installation of electrical power into the back cab.

This includes a dedicated fuse box, along with dedicated cables for both Quadcopter drone battery charging station, and electric cooler box.



Neil worked on numerous smaller tasks, including preparing folding travel bike, ready for use in Iceland.

This bike was received free (gratis) of charge from Byttebuå (swap-shop) at IVAR gjenvinningsstasjon Forus (Recycle Station).
(see Blog Article: Free Expedition Bicycle).



A few minor parts require replacement, and new tires needed – so this task remains incomplete at this stage.



Meanwhile, packing continues…………




Expedition Vehicle 2 Ready

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Today, Gunnar and Neil worked all day on Expedition Vehicle 2, to complete the final set of tasks & fixes.


First task was to remove the dashboard, and rewire the CB Radio power cable into one of the power outlets behind the dashboard.

This was relatively simple and successfully achieved.

The CB Radio now has its power cable hidden, and permanently connected – a neat solution.



The next task was to clean the vehicle, both inside and out, and in the back cab, ready for use in Iceland.

This was a major undertaking, and took the best part of the day to complete.



A number of small fixes were conducted as we went along (Hammering, Riveting, Taping, Gluing, etc.), to ensure all tasks were completed by the end of the day.

Gunnar and Tuva also worked on fixing the small (kids) boat, so that it became seaworthy, and ready for use.

The small (kids) boat was later launched into the water, taken for a test run, and is now moored outside the house, ready for use by either Tuva or Dina.



Overall, it was a very good day, with lots achieved, and Expedition Vehicle 2 made complete and ready for transfer to Iceland.


We will now concentrate our efforts on the final fixes on Expedition Vehicle 1 over the next few days, to make this vehicle also complete and ready for Iceland.


Preparation for Wilderness Tire Repair

One question we are commonly asked is: Do you take a spare wheel with you, and how will you cope if you have a tire puncture in the middle of nowhere ?


During ICE2015, we took one spare wheel between 2 Expedition Vehicles – one wheel which fit both Vehicles, thus cutting down on weight, whilst offering insurance back-up.

Photos below shows Expedition Vehicle 2 carrying Spare Wheel on Front Runner Roof-Rack System.




If we are unfortunate enough to have more than one tire punctured at the same time, then we can use the Arctic Trucks Tire Repair Kit, which we constantly have available in both Expedition Vehicles.



The following Overland Bound Boot Camp Instructional Video “How To: Off-Road Trail Tire Repair” shows how to conduct a field-repair of a punctured tire.



Hopefully, we won’t have to try this out in the field, and we will have a trouble-free trip – same as for ICE2105.

But we are prepared and ready………..

Productive Weekend Preparation

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This weekend, we have been busy working on the “to do” list of final preparations for our trip.



Above, we can see both Expedition Vehicles side-by-side, undergoing tasks – Gunnar removing Front Runner Roof-Rack Holding Bars.


Here are a few of the key tasks we have achieved:

  • CB Radio and Antenna now tuned and ready for use in Expedition Vehicle 2
  • Front Runner Roof-Rack System and Rear Cab Roof Bars removed from Expedition Vehicle 2 – due to Height Restrictions on Ferries
  • Winch System plugged-in and checked for working order
  • More Sponsor / Supporter logo stickers mounted on both Expedition Vehicles & Transportation Boxes
  • More Packing of Food, Equipment and Supplies
  • Fine Tuning of Agenda Planning



The living room is starting to look more and more like Everest Base Camp, with Expedition Boxes, Backpacks, Kit Bags, Roof Racks, GoPro Gear, Logo Stickers, etc. everywhere.

The Dogs are finding it interesting – loads of new items to check-out and explore…




It’s been a busy and productive weekend, which has helped shorten the “to do” list before we leave.

Another busy week lies ahead…………

Hopefully we can complete most of the remaining tasks, so that we are fully prepared, with a couple of weeks “spare” – just in case…….



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