Fun: Hardest Karaoke Song in the World

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Iceland Magazine have a new fun article:聽Brush up on your Icelandic by singing world’s hardest karaoke song


Here is a fun video, just released by Inspired by Iceland.

If you are interested in learning to speak Icelandic, this one is for you 馃檪


To become an Icelander you must either fill out stacks of paperwork, or you can try to pass for one by learning how to say fun words like plokkfiskur and hringvegur!

That’s at least according to “The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World”.

One of Iceland’s most popular comedians? Stein镁贸r Hr贸ar Stein镁贸rsson, or Steindi Jr as he is known
(Stein镁贸rs father’s name is Stein镁贸r, and a common abbreviation of Stein镁贸r 铆s Steindi)
created this catchy tune for the Icelandic tourism board’s campaign Inspired by Iceland.

Steindi also offers a few bits and pieces of crucial advice for first time visitors:
Don’t trample the moss, wash thoroughly without swimsuit before entering the pool, and drive carefully on the gravel roads:





Adventure as a Mindset

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Just wanted to share these short articles with you, from Richard Branson (Virgin Group).


Adventure as a Mindset

My Top 10 Quotes on Adventure


Kind of fits our mindset for ICE2017 Team.


Even when the going gets tough, if you have adventure as your mindset, you will look for ways around your problem, rather than giving up.

We can all achieve great things, if we put our mind to it.

By embracing the spirit of adventure, we can test ourselves, push our boundaries, learn lots, and laugh along the way.




I certainly like the Overland Bound sticker (Adventure is Necessary) we have mounted on our Exploration Vehicles.



“Not all those that wander are lost.”聽鈥撀J.R.R. Tolkien


Preparation for Wilderness Tire Repair

One question we are commonly asked is: Do you take a spare wheel with you, and how will you cope if you have a tire puncture in the middle of nowhere ?


During ICE2015, we took one spare wheel between 2 Expedition Vehicles – one wheel which fit both Vehicles, thus cutting down on weight, whilst offering insurance back-up.

Photos below shows Expedition Vehicle 2 carrying Spare Wheel on Front Runner Roof-Rack System.




If we are unfortunate enough to have more than one tire punctured at the same time, then we can use the Arctic Trucks Tire Repair Kit, which we constantly have available in both Expedition Vehicles.



The following Overland Bound Boot Camp Instructional Video “How To: Off-Road Trail Tire Repair” shows how to conduct a field-repair of a punctured tire.



Hopefully, we won’t have to try this out in the field, and we will have a trouble-free trip – same as for ICE2105.

But we are prepared and ready………..

Risks & Perspectives

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Today, we are increasingly aware of Risk, in every action we take.

As a former HSEQ Quality Advisor in the Oil & Gas industry,聽this was part of Neil‘s daily operational routine – Risk Management / Process-Orientated Management Systems.


However, we really do need to keep聽all this聽“risk” mind-set in perspective, and simply聽remember that living life is a risky business.


We should all live a life of risk to some degree, in order to get the most from it.

Not聽irresponsible risk, of being willingly unprepared or dangerous, but rather the risk of sacrificing conveniences of our daily “safe” lives,聽allowing us to聽experience something new, completely wonderful and extraordinary.

Today, we are unfortunately becoming more and more creatures of habit and comfort.

Taking the first steps into the unknown requires us to meet our anxieties and fears head-on, embrace and overcome them, leave them behind, and step forward into the new adventure.


Of course, we have strived to reduce聽the overall risk for ICE2017, and utilized lessons learned from ICE2015.

Hopefully, our adventure will pass without any major incident or event.


Life is a gift that shouldn’t be wasted on meaningless expectations and imaginary standards that has come to plague our everyday moden-digital lifestyles, through our addiction to social media.

Bring on the unknown, dare to be different,聽face new challenges.


We聽dedicate this website / blog to the “Wild Dreamer” and “Curious Wanderer” inside all of you.

May you find the strength to take the risk, and set them free…..get out there –聽begin exploring.



Path Less Taken

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Personal Perspective on ICE2017,聽by Neil.


For me, one of聽the “hidden” pleasures of exploration has always been the uncertainty of the outcome –聽even the best laid preparations聽& plans can聽(and usually do…) change.


Today, most holiday package deals are generally “safe” and somewhat聽“predictable” – mainly involving “All Inclusive” deals, with everything provided, without too much thought or interaction.聽 Which is good, when all you need is to just relax and chill-out.

However, these events typically don’t present any new or interesting challenges or learning experiences.


What ICE215 initiated, and ICE2017 has continued to build upon,聽is the聽need to learn new, interesting and exciting skills, as well as increase our knowledge of nature, culture and technology.


I can really relate to this old Chines Proverb:

Tell me, and I forget.

Show me, and I may remember.

Involve me, and l will聽understand.


By getting involved in so many discipline areas, to make ICE2017 work, has been a great learning experience.

By getting our kids also involved in the process, is helping build their character, and teaching them knowledge and skill sets that normal school聽curriculum聽does not provide.



All in all, we聽prefer to take the “Path Less Taken” and hope to “Never Stop Exploring“…


7 Habits of Highly Effective Expedition Planning, Organization & Execution

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Planning, organizing, and executing expeditions / overlanding trips such as ICE2015 and ICE2017, takes a lot of time, energy, perseverance and dedication.

There is a lot of hard “leg work” involved, with many pitfalls, disappointments and failures along the way, but the end result is always a wonderful trip and a great learning expereince.


To聽ensure that all our hard work brings positive results, we have to draw on our career and business experiences, and engage in the following:

  • Project Mangement
  • Business Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Research & Development
  • Budget Management & Financial Control



To聽be effective with our efforts, we have always tried to utilise the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive
  • Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind
  • Habit 3: Put First Things First
  • Habit 4: Think Win-Win
  • Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood
  • Habit 6: Synergize
  • Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw



The following Animated Book Review (Video) by聽FightMediocrity聽is a wonderfully simple way to understand these 7 Habits.

Take a few minutes to watch this, and learn how this could help you in the future – Good Luck.


Katla, Hekla & B谩r冒arbunga Earthquake Activity

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Iceland Magazine Article: B谩r冒arbunga Volcano joins Hekla: 3.2 Magnitude quake and Earthquake Swarm over weekend


Over the last few weeks, there has been a noticeable increase in earthquake activity around the 3 main volcanic “hot spots” in Iceland: Katla, Hekla & B谩r冒arbunga.


Mount Hekla: Saturday quake was clearly visible in webcam (shaking) monitoring Mount Hekla. (Photo: M铆la webcam).
A webcam which monitors the volcano Hekla in South Iceland, caught the shaking of the ground during Saturday’s powerful 4.5 magnitude earthquake West of Hekla.
The initial quake was followed by a powerful earthquake swarm which lasted 10-15 seconds, and were felt all over South Iceland.
See Iceland Magazine Article: Footage from Mt. Hekla volcano monitoring webcam shows earth tremble during Saturday’s quake


The 4.5 magnitude earthquake west of volcano Hekla on Saturday was followed up by a 3.2 magnitude quake in the B谩r冒arbunga caldera later the same evening.
The quake, which had its epicenter at a depth of 4.3 km (2.7 miles) in the N.E. part of the caldera, was followed by a swarm of smaller quakes, including two 2.1 and 2.5 magnitude quakes聽in the N.E. and S.E parts of the caldera.


Read More:聽Powerful 4.5 magnitude earthquake west of volcano Hekla in South Iceland


It is uncertain whether聽these episodes are connected, but may be associated with tectonic plate movement and separation.



B谩r冒arbunga Future Eruption?

The earthquakes in B谩r冒arbunga are caused by magma thrusting its way from the mantle to the magma chambers of the volcano, refilling it after the 2014-15 Holuhraun eruption. B谩r冒arbunga is preparing for continued volcanic activity – probably聽in the near future.


Volcanic Zones聽& Seismic Rift Zones
SISZ= South Iceland Seismic Zone, between the East and West Volcanic Zones (EVZ and WVZ),
extending from Reykjanes Volcanic Belt (RVB). (Photo: Wikipedia, Creative Commons)


Saturdays quake west of Hekla took place in the South Iceland Seismic Zone (SISZ), a transform fault between offset sections of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which runs through Iceland.
The zone is made up of a series of fracture faults, which run from SW to NE.
The zone extends from the volcano Hengill, the easternmost part of the Reykjanes volcanic zone, to Hekla, which is the westernmost volcano in the East Volcanic Zone (EVZ).


The Massive “South Iceland Quake”

There are no active volcanoes in the South Iceland Seismic Zone (SISZ), but it is extremely active.

The area sits between the two volcanic zones, and is constantly being pulled in two different directions, causing tension to build up in the crust, which is then periodically released in earthquakes.

The zone has been the source of the most powerful earthquakes in Iceland, as the most powerful earthquake which has taken place in Iceland since the country was settled took place in the Southern Seismic Zone.


Vatnaj枚kull Glacier: Weekend’s activity in B谩r冒arbunga (Green Star: identifies 3.2 magnitude quake on Saturday). (Photo: IMO)


Read More:聽All of Iceland鈥榮 major volcanoes showing unusually high levels of activity


During聽1784 a massive earthquake, which is believed to have been 7.1 magnitude, shook all of southern Iceland, causing widespread damage to farmhouses.

The second largest earthquake, and the largest to be measured with modern equipment, was detected in 1912.
This quake was 7.0 on the Richter scale.
Both quakes took place close to Saturday’s tremor.

Quakes of this magnitude are believed to hit once every 100-150 years, and could cause significant damage.

Locals in South Iceland are still waiting for the “big one”.


Potential Consequences

ICE2017 Team continues to keep a close eye on developments聽of these recent activity, as it may influence our planning / execution for聽this years adventure.

Maybe we will have the opportunity to experience an earthquake and聽 /or a聽live volcanic eruption.

Bear Grylls Inspiration

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Over the last 16 months, Neil has unfortunately been laid-off work, and later subsequently lost his job with Proactima, due to lack of new work / consultancy contracts (Oil & Gas Sector).

This has allowed Neil, a lot of “free time” to pursue e-learning courses聽(Blog Article: Self Educate via LinkedIn Learning / Lynda) and read many inspirational books and material.


One person that has helped Neil regain and build his confidence in the Great Outdoors and Exploration Spirit, is the Best-Selling Author and well known TV-Presenter, Bear Grylls.


His books are quite a refreshing read, with no holds barred, down to earth openness, and inspirational qualities.

His struggle gaining Sponsorship and Support for his earlier expeditions (Everest: “Facing Up”; and Atlantic Arctic Crossing “Facing the Frozen Ocean”), are clearly understood and identified with our own endeavours聽in ICE2017 (and previous ICE2015). It’s not easy, you just have to keep working at it, to win through in the end.


As an ex-Scout in UK when I was a youth (ICE2015 Blog Article: Essential Expedition Equipment Purchased), and now with Tuva as a Scout in Norway, his role as Chief Scout is also inspirational.



I strongly recommend the following Bear Grylls books, for inspirational reading –聽especially if you are contemplating planning, executing,聽or taking part in an expedition in the future.


If you wish to find out more about Bear Grylls, visit his website


Iceland Adventures – Why Do It?

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I wanted to share this quote with you, as I feel it has a valid point to offer.

It kind of sums-up what we are about, and why we do these Iceland Arctic Trucks adventures.



Todays lifestyle is all about being easy, comfortable and safe.

What is really interesting, is to be presented a real challenge, that you have to learn how to face and beat along the way.

Continuous learning is vital.


Mark Twain also has a great quote, that complements Richard Branson quote above:




I think The North Face company, has a exceptional business strapline that says it all :


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