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Over the last 16 months, Neil has unfortunately been laid-off work, and later subsequently lost his job with Proactima, due to lack of new work / consultancy contracts (Oil & Gas Sector).

This has allowed Neil, a lot of “free time” to pursue e-learning courses (Blog Article: Self Educate via LinkedIn Learning / Lynda) and read many inspirational books and material.


One person that has helped Neil regain and build his confidence in the Great Outdoors and Exploration Spirit, is the Best-Selling Author and well known TV-Presenter, Bear Grylls.


His books are quite a refreshing read, with no holds barred, down to earth openness, and inspirational qualities.

His struggle gaining Sponsorship and Support for his earlier expeditions (Everest: “Facing Up”; and Atlantic Arctic Crossing “Facing the Frozen Ocean”), are clearly understood and identified with our own endeavours in ICE2017 (and previous ICE2015). It’s not easy, you just have to keep working at it, to win through in the end.


As an ex-Scout in UK when I was a youth (ICE2015 Blog Article: Essential Expedition Equipment Purchased), and now with Tuva as a Scout in Norway, his role as Chief Scout is also inspirational.



I strongly recommend the following Bear Grylls books, for inspirational reading – especially if you are contemplating planning, executing, or taking part in an expedition in the future.


If you wish to find out more about Bear Grylls, visit his website


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