Avoiding Black Friday

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This year, we cannot take advantage of ANY Black Friday discount offers, due to very low cash availability in our Expedition Budget.

In 2014, we used this great discount purchase day, to buy quite a lot of expensive / essential equipment towards ICE2105 (see ICE2015 blog article: Essential Expedition Equipment Purchased).

However, this time around, we have a much smaller Expedition Budget available.

We were hoping to raise a lot more cash towards ICE2017 via our Finn.no sales.
However, these sales have not generated anywhere near as much cash as we had hoped……
(see blog article: Still Raising Money Via Finn.no).

Unemployment and unforeseen Significant Expenses during 2016 have also played a key role in our reduced Exploration Budget.

Therefore, the ICE2017 Team are actively avoiding all Black Friday offers – despite their tempting appeal….

Hope all our followers gain a great bargain today.

Good Luck !!!

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