ICE2017 Aftermovie – YouTube Release

ICE2017 Aftermovie – YouTube Release

Since our return from Iceland in August, we have been reviewing and editing, all data sets recorded during our adventure.

Read More: Post-Expedition Equipment Sort-Out & Clean-Up


We acquired quite a lot of video film clips, from both our GoPro cameras and various Mobile Phones.


After careful review, Gunnar has edited together some of these video clips, to create a cool 05:38 (5 minutes 38 seconds) after-movie.



This short film provides a quick “taste” of our adventures and experiences, during 6 weeks traveling around Iceland July-August 2017.

Music was generously provided by Expedition Sponsor Magnus H. Tellmann.

Read More: New Expedition Supporter – Magnus H. Tellmann


We really hope you enjoy this short film, and of course like & share it with your friends.


To all our Sponsors & Supporters – Once again, thank you for everything, for all your help and support – We really appreciate it….

Read More: Acknowledgements





Expedition Fund Raising Still Continues…

Expedition Fund Raising Still Continues…

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It’s now 3 months (September, October, November) since we returned back to Norway, from our summer Iceland Expedition.

However, we still have some debts to pay, to finalize our budget, and cover all our expedition costs.


We are still using (Norwegian e-bay) as the main avenue for selling items, to continue raise funds, to cover these debts.



If you are interested to see what we have on offer for sale on, please click the links below to each of our Profiles:

Neil’s items for sale on

Gunnar’s items for sale on

Anja’s items for sale on



Thanks a lot for your consideration and for all your help.


Fun: Hardest Karaoke Song in the World

Fun: Hardest Karaoke Song in the World

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Iceland Magazine have a new fun article: Brush up on your Icelandic by singing world’s hardest karaoke song


Here is a fun video, just released by Inspired by Iceland.

If you are interested in learning to speak Icelandic, this one is for you 🙂


To become an Icelander you must either fill out stacks of paperwork, or you can try to pass for one by learning how to say fun words like plokkfiskur and hringvegur!

That’s at least according to “The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World”.

One of Iceland’s most popular comedians? Steinþór Hróar Steinþórsson, or Steindi Jr as he is known
(Steinþórs father’s name is Steinþór, and a common abbreviation of Steinþór ís Steindi)
created this catchy tune for the Icelandic tourism board’s campaign Inspired by Iceland.

Steindi also offers a few bits and pieces of crucial advice for first time visitors:
Don’t trample the moss, wash thoroughly without swimsuit before entering the pool, and drive carefully on the gravel roads:





FOR SALE : Expedition Vehicle 1

FOR SALE : Expedition Vehicle 1

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Following our return from Iceland in August, Gunnar has been busy repairing, fixing and cleaning Expedition Vehicle 1, ready for sale.


Today, Gunnar published a sales advert on, to begin the sales process.

FINN-kode: 100596790 (




Expedition Vehicle 1 was the first Arctic Trucks car owned by Neil and Gunnar, who bought equal shares in October 2014.

Read More: ICE2015 Blog Article: Arctic Trucks 1 Acquired


It will be quite sad to see the “old faithful” Expedition Vehicle 1 disappear.

It’s certainly explored a lot of Iceland in its time…

and provided some fantastic memorable moments and experiences !!!


We hope that a genuine Arctic Trucks enthusiast will take it on, and continues to use it as designed – as an “expedition vehicle”.


Please contact Gunnar directly, via the advert link above, if you are interested in buying.



Neil Seeks New Job

Neil Seeks New Job

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Now that we are back in Norway, and all the equipment has been cleaned, fixed, sorted, and placed into storage, we need to return to normality.


Tuva and Dina have returned to school, whilst Anja and Gunnar have returned to their jobs.


However, for Neil this is a challenge, as he is still out of work (unemployed), and is still seeking new career / work opportunities in the Sandnes / Stavanger region, Norway.


If anyone knows of any job opportunities in this area, now or into the future, please feel free to contact Neil.


Thanks a lot for your considerations…….

4500km Round Trip

4500km Round Trip

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We have now collated all the Tracking Data, and from the Trip Master on Expedition Vehicle 2 dashboard, the total distance covered during ICE2017 was 4,500km.


Map below displays collated data set, showing almost everywhere we drove during our ICE2017 travels.

However, some occasional roads we driven with only Expedition Vehicle 2 – without Tracking System to record the route.


As you can clearly see, we once again “circumnavigated” the whole of Iceland…



What is also interesting about this 4,500 km value, is that it is coincidentally almost identical to the total distance covered during ICE2015.


We initially expected to drive more, but due to change of Agenda plans and routes taken, following our unfortunate horse riding accident during Day 27,
the total distance was reduced from the initial estimate of 5,000-6,000 km.


When we combine the Tracking Data sets from both ICE2015 and ICE2017, the map below clearly shows how extensively we have explored Iceland during our last 2 expeditions.



As you can clearly see, we have certainly “circumnavigated” the whole of Iceland…


However, what is clearly missing, is our exposure to the central interior of Iceland.

We had plans on ICE2017 Agenda to experience and cross this area on more than one event, but these had to be postponed until future expedition events.


We hope you enjoyed following us on our daily blogs, and our daily Tracking Data maps.

It’s been interesting to see how it came together, as we progressed during our travels.


If you would like more information on our Tracking Data, please Contact Us.

Adventure as a Mindset

Adventure as a Mindset

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Just wanted to share these short articles with you, from Richard Branson (Virgin Group).


Adventure as a Mindset

My Top 10 Quotes on Adventure


Kind of fits our mindset for ICE2017 Team.


Even when the going gets tough, if you have adventure as your mindset, you will look for ways around your problem, rather than giving up.

We can all achieve great things, if we put our mind to it.

By embracing the spirit of adventure, we can test ourselves, push our boundaries, learn lots, and laugh along the way.




I certainly like the Overland Bound sticker (Adventure is Necessary) we have mounted on our Exploration Vehicles.



“Not all those that wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


Expedition Fund Raising Continues…

Expedition Fund Raising Continues…

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Now that we have returned from our 6 weeks adventure, and finalized our spending accounts, it is quite clear that additional / continuous fund raising is still required.

Having been to Iceland a number of times, and living in Norway, we thought we had a pretty good idea of how much we would probably spend during our trip (Expedition Budget).

However, we were quite alarmed at the extent of inflationary increase in costs of even the most basic of items, since our last expedition ICE2015.



In the 2 years since ICE2015, the cost of some basic items, such as regular food shopping, ice-creams, sandwiches, coffee & cakes, and camping accommodation,
has increased by as much as 2 or 3 times !!!!

This is a direct result of the dramatic increase in tourism, and the wish of shop-keepers, to make more and more money, whilst they can…



Read More:
Is Icelandic Króna Too Strong?
Icelandic economy continues to boom: GDP expected to grow by 6% in 2017
Cost of living in Reykjavík now 30% higher than in New York city
Small town café in N. Iceland fights an avalanche of criticism over overpriced sandwich


Therefore, we have somewhat overspent our “living allowance budget” and as such we need to continue to raise funds, to bridge this significant expenditure gap.

We will be once again using (Norwegian e-bay) as the main avenue for selling items, to continue to raise funds.



If you are interested to see what we have on offer for sale on, please click the links below to each of our Profiles:

Neil’s items for sale on

Gunnar’s items for sale on

Anja’s items for sale on



Thanks a lot for your consideration and for all your help.


Post-Expedition Equipment Sort-Out & Clean-Up

Post-Expedition Equipment Sort-Out & Clean-Up

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Now that we are all back home in Norway, after 6 weeks on the move, the long task of Post-Expedition Equipment Sort-Out and Clean-Up begins.


All equipment taken on ICE2017 will now be cleaned, examined, fixed, sorted, packed, and made ready for the next adventure.

This process takes time.

However, once completed, and all equipment made ready for storage, the next adventure planning can begin.


One of the biggest tasks is washing and drying of equipment, especially tents, which take up a lot of space to dry out properly.


Once these tasks are completed, we will have more free time to concentrate on editing & releasing photos and video material taken during ICE2017.

We will then post a number of blog articles, showing these images, along various themes.


Please keep following……..

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