Tracking System Upgrade

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For our ICE2015 expedition, we custom made a tracking system for our Exploration Vehicles (read more).

Throughout our journey, a Raspberry PI with a GPS module, constantly recorded our movements with great precision.

The project was thoroughly tested before we began our journey (Summer 2015), and proved to be incredibly stable throughout the whole expedition.

We never had to tend to the device, and the recorded trail was without flaws – a great achievement !!!



Remembering how stable it was during ICE2015, the tracker was also used during our Dreki Adventures trip in December 2016 and was left alone and unattended to record in peace.

Unfortunately, after this trip, we discovered a problem….

SD cards can only handle a certain amount of “write” cycles, and the inevitable exhaustion of the SD card in our Raspberry PI caught us by surprise a lot earlier than expected.

Consequently, nothing was recorded from this latest trip…

After discovering this, everything was reinstalled on a new SD card, and the source code was once again opened for new upgrades.



The system only recorded, which meant we could only visualize the data by exporting it to KML or GPX and use a 3rd party software to display.

Since we already proved that the logging was stable, the next step of this project was to be visualize our track “live” to friends and family for our next trip.

Over the last few weeks, Gunnar has conducted several hours of coding and testing, to produce a “live viewer” that will display where we are in real time.


Figure below, shows a recent field test in our local area, and clearly shows the accuracy of our tracking device and it’s new (map) viewer.



The product still needs a lot of work to finish, but at least now there is a proof of concept, and great improvements in the pipeline.


Keep watching our progress over the next few months, and if you have any advice to share, we would love to hear from you.