Arctic Trucks join Rogaland AmCar Club May Day Meeting

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Four Arctic Trucks were represented at the Rogaland AmCar Club annual May Day meeting at Kvarat, Sandnes today.


ICE2017 was represented by Exploration Vehicle 1, as car number 464 in the exhibition, with most of the ICE2017 Team present: Gunnar, Neil, Tuva and Anja.



Neil, Gunnar and Tuva stayed with the vehicles most of the time, to discuss ideas and answer questions from event attendees.

Anja spent most time taking photographs of the many cars on exhibition today.


It was really great to see so many old friends and acquaintances (both people and cars), as well as meet many new ones…….



Two Dreki Adventures (ICE2017 Supporters: New Exploration Supporter – Dreki Adventures) Arctic Trucks were on exhibition.

Both vehicles are Arctic Trucks 6×6 Toyota Hilux 44″, which have recently been brought over from Iceland, for exhibition in Norway.



The white one (Iceland Registration: 6×6) was the very first road legal 6×6 Arctic Trucks with 44” modification in the world, and is owned by Mike Herbert. (photo above)

The black one (Iceland Registration: SG K44) is unique, in having a camper unit installed in the rear pick-up boot area, and is owned by Odd Joar Moen. (photo below, with Gunnar)



Tuva was extremely helpful, providing encouraging advice to all who asked questions about Arctic Trucks.

As you may see, she was wearing her blue Arctic Trucks / 66DegNorth sweatshirt…



As you can see from the photo above, Tuva has found her first car and first apartment all in one….she just needs to find the ca.2.5 Million Kroner to buy it !!!



Kenneth Hansen was also there, with this veteran Toyota Landcruiser.

This was one of the first Arctic Trucks in Norway, and is still going strong.



All 4 Arctic Trucks were well received, with lots of visitors and many interesting questions asked.



The weather was perfect, with blue skies and no rain, and only a slight breeze, not too hot – Perfect outdoor exhibition weather.


Thanks a lot for a great day Rogaland AmCar Club. 


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