Appeal for Camping Food Packages

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We are appealing to all our website / blog followers.

If you have any left-over / unused / unwanted packages of camping food, such as the Drytech version imaged below,
(or any other similar product / brand) that you could afford to donate to us, we would love to hear from you.













It doesn’t matter what the vintage / flavours / types are, as long as they are still good for use.




We have been trying to gain sponsorship (“sample packs”) of these types food items for some time now, without any success.



These food packages proved extremely useful and quite popular during our ICE2015 Expedition.
As we see below, Tuva is really enjoying her dinner pack !




If you have any packages to offer us, or would like to sponsor us in any way, please Contact Us.
We look forward hearing form you…

Thank You

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