Anja – Expedition Photographer

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During ICE2015, Anja was expedition principal photographer, although rest of ICE2015 team also took plenty of photos as well.



A lot of her photos have since been used on both ICE2015 and ICE2017 (this) websites.



Throughout 2016 & 2017, Anja has significantly increased her photographic skills, experience and equipment, become an active Board Member of Stavanger Photo Club,
as well as started to take on commission projects, to hopefully develop a Start-Up Photography Business into the future.

Below is a recent Theme Photo “Sound” in which Anja won Second Place in February 2017 Stavanger Photo Club competition. (Tuva blasting Dina with sound).



If you would like to hire / commission Anja on photographic projects, please feel free to Contact Us.
The more project experience she gains, the better.

All money generated is reinvested into better / new / additional equipment, to help her build her business model and portfolio.



We are still short of a number of items to complete our photographic kit (see Wish List).

So, if you have any photographic equipment that you could donate / offer “very cheaply” (especially Nikon Bodies / Lenses), we would really love to hear from you.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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